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Patio-Chair Place Mats

These place mats are a playful homage to retro outdoor chairs -- made from their replacement webbing.

Photography: Juliana Sohn

Source: Martha Stewart Living, July/August 2013



Webbing, from $25 for 300',
Double-sided tape, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $5 for 6 yd.,
Salad plates, by Mud Australia, in Ash, $36 each,
Linen Mix spindle cord, by Shindo, $2.84 a m., 212-868-9311


  • Scissors

  • Patio-chair webbing

  • Painters’ tape

  • Double-sided tape


  1. Cut seven 14-inch and five 18-inch strips of webbing. Using painters’ tape, stick 1 end of 14-inch strips to a paper-covered work surface as shown.

  2. Weave 18-inch strips through taped-down pieces.

  3. Secure weaving with short pieces of double-sided tape placed between overlapping pieces of webbing. Trim edges, if desired.

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