Earth-In Canteen

American Made Since 2014
2014 Crafts Finalist

Kathy Staychock

Santa Cruz, California
Sustainably made in Northern California from local clay and lead-free glazes, Earth-In Canteen is a natural return to a stoneware water bottle
Crafts, Ceramics, Pottery & Glass

Tell us about your business.

My partner, Robert Seals created the original stainless steel water bottle back in 2002. My husband Rick and I hopped on board before there was product to sell. Over a decade of hearing concerns about products Made In China as well as heavy metals, we've made Earth-In Canteen, a certified lead-free, non-toxic stoneware water bottle. Our canteens are hand-crafted in Northern California from local clays and lead-free glazes. We anticipate skepticism just like we did with the introduction of the stainless water bottle. Stoneware is durable but it can break and may look heavy. We adjusted to the differences just fine and it feels..better. We invite you to experience the peace of drinking pure water from a local, perfectly natural, and truly sustainably-made canteen.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Our business is run out of the garage in the Santa Cruz Mountains or in our funky Tahoe duplex when the Sierra calls. The canteens are made in our friend Hectors studio in the eastern foothills of the CA coastal range. Hector is a second generation ceramicist who has taught the trade to his long-time crew. Hector is posed to grow with us and looks forward to the recovery of American manufacturing.

What inspires you?

Innovation, optimism, humor. Alpen glow lighting, nature colors, texture, big trees. My mom used to take me to a pottery class in the 70s. I loved seeing my mom create pots and am so happy to come full circle.

What makes your business stand out?

We're original and absolutely mission driven.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Go with your gut. Act quickly but only after you sleep on the tough decisions. Bad design decisions have a tendency to stick around.

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made means so much to me. American Made means that the middle class will grow in the US. It means that we care about American workers and not buying into awful working conditions around the world. When more products are made and sold in the USA, the basic supply and demand laws will bring down costs, making domestic products more accessible-- and no longer a choice between cost and quality. Making products here in the US is such a breath of fresh air after working indirectly and ultimately unsuccessfully with Chinese factories and their owners.

Comments (2)

  • riverperson 4 Nov, 2015

    I'm a big fan! These bottle are beautiful, well crafted, and "feel" natural, from the Earth. My family has four- one by each of our adult beds for middle of the night water needs, one at my desk for daytime water (I drink a lot more water during the day since I got it), and one which we use for beautiful olive oil presentation/ ore devours at gatherings. Seriously, the quality of craftsmanship is really excellent. Not a blemish on a single bottle. True art, made with love- you can tell.

  • dan_borge 29 Sep, 2014

    Absolutely, these water bottles are beautiful. I like the feeling i get when i pick one of these bottles up and feel the natural clay under my hand.


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