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American Made Since 2003

Barry Novick & Seth Novick

Syosset, New York
Our 100% Aged Parmesan Crisps pack all natural, crunchy deliciousness into an 80-calorie serving size rich with calcium and protein.
Food, Dry Goods

Tell us about your business.

A decade ago, I was frustrated with weight gain, various health issues, and 30 years working in hospital administration. I consistently lost the battle of my cravings for something salty, crunchy, sugary, and carb-loaded every time my stomach growled. My wife discovered THE loophole for all snacking addictions – baking Parmesan cheese produced a naturally crunchy and salty indulgence that was also rich with calcium and protein AND tasted good! We came to find out that every time the cravings hit, the cheesy crisps always did the trick! After sharing the crisps at parties, I learned I had a product that quickly won over a crowd. As a family we decided to pursue a future sharing this gluten, wheat and sugar-free indulgence with the world. Ten years after saying goodbye to my job at the hospital (and 40 pounds), we now offer eleven healthy and gourmet varieties. We’ve made it our mission to continue exploring new, bountiful flavors to keep our customers happy and healthy.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Our journey began at our kitchen table, where we made our crisps by hand and shared with local friends and family. The buzz began to spread and we branched out to share with the local stores. In addition to the work getting crowded in our kitchen, we quickly learned that baking parmesan crisps by hand is a tricky process and does not often yield consistent results. Plus, we all wound up smelling like burnt cheese (even our dog). To continue producing our craft on a larger scale, we began working with a local co-packer while using our own ovens and equipment to ensure each of our 100% Aged Parmesan Crisps would be baked to perfection with no cross contamination and each crisp consistent in taste and texture. Our process, like our business, is kept close to home in Syosset, NY.

What inspires you?

We are inspired to help those with restricted diets be able to indulge in something satisfying and delicious without the guilt or worry. Our line of 100% Aged Parmesan Crisps help our customers eliminate the guilt by promising a product that doesn’t taste like cardboard yet is still a rich and healthy pleasure. We believe food should make you feel good.

What makes your business stand out?

Is it a chip? Is it a cracker? It’s both! Our product is unique because it is the first of its kind in our category. Parmesan crisps are a very delicate snack, but it’s a snack we believe consumers benefit from. Parmesan is naturally rich in calcium and protein and when baked produces that coveted crunchy and saltiness many crave when they’re looking to snack. Our manufacturing process allows us to capitalize on that quality while exploring other unique and healthy flavor varieties like chia seeds, rosemary, flax seeds and caraway seeds. We put as much care and craft into our packaging as we do to our creation process. Because our product is extremely delicate, we’ve designed packaging that preserves the shape of our crisps and keeps the flavors and texture fresh and ready for any-time snacking. We are product that can fit on the shelves of the finest specialty/cheese shops around the world, diet center or hospital.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

When taking on any venture, it is important to have a solid business plan, perseverance and a support system. When things get tough or you forget your passion, having that support system is crucial to fall back on to keep the wheels turning. We started at our family’s kitchen table where most of life’s journeys begin, so no matter where your venture takes you it will always remain there at heart.

What does American Made mean to you?

We get to make a living doing something we love using only American made cheese in a plant in the USA. We work closely with a well-known University to help us substantiate the highest quality cheese and nutritional values. We get to share what we do with our friends and consumers all across the USA, Canada and many other counties that view American made as the gold standard. We provide jobs to fellow Americans and we source our ingredients from American producers. American Made means pursuing a life we love at home while making a living.

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