Algomah Meadery

American Made Since 2012

Melissa Hronkin

mass City, Michigan
We are beekeepers and artisan mead makers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We strive to make a unique, local, sustainable product of the hive
Food, Wine & Spirits

Tell us about your business.

Apiary Honey Farm, Winery and Honey House/Artist Studio Located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Beekeeping strikes the perfect balance between John’s culinary experience and my art background, and it allows us to combine our environmental passion with our interest in artisanal food products and gardening. We are a "micro-meadery", producing small batches of artisanal meads, and other mead related beverages such as pyments (mead that is fermented with grape juice) and cysers (mead fermented with apples).

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Beekeeping and its process allows for creativity. It is both a passion and a lifestyle that we plan to continue by means of sustainable methods. We keep between 50 and 100 hives. Mead is the most sustainable alcoholic beverage and perhaps the first one enjoyed by humans. Wine has been part of human culture for 6,000 years, but the history of mead dates back much farther, to 20,000 to 40,000 years ago, and has its origins on the African continent. Vineyards have had to mechanize to survive, but apiaries require lots of hand labor. And apiaries do not need irrigation, fertilizers or toxic pesticides. Our honey house is a beautiful destination for people to visit and appreciate all of the sweetness and light that the bees bring into our lives! We have the building that calls for something monumental to happen in it, we have the honey and the bees. Visit us for tastings, music, and general inspiration!

What inspires you?

The honeybees inspire us! All of our projects started with just 2 beehives and a desire to understand and present the products of the hive in a precious manner for people to enjoy. In doing this, they will become stewards of the bees and the environment.

What makes your business stand out?

The presentation of our product is unique and the fact that our hand touches all aspects of it...from the honey to the fruit to the bottles and labels. We have a great respect and passion for what we do and the fact that we operate out of an historical church makes the project meaningful in the community. We are bringing together environment, history, agriculture, artisan food products,and art.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

What really makes you tick, and where do your skills lie? Find a partner that can complement your strengths and shares your passion. Don't be afraid to look or ask for help if you need it...respect those who paved the way for you and be grateful for what they have done to allow you the experience that you are given. Stay true to your core values and passions and this will keep you honest.

What does American Made mean to you?

This means the ability to make sustainable choices and vote with our fork, or glass, in this instance. By choosing local, artisan projects, we are not only supporting our country but the local economies and environments that sustain them.

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