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Deane Peck

Little Rock, Arkansas
The portion plate for kid's is an interactive, Hands-on approach to learning, allowing children of any age to learn proper portion size servings.
Food, Dry Goods

Tell us about your business.

I got started in 2008 after working for numerous years as a pediatric dietitian at Arkansas Children's Hospital. With limited resources available to use for teaching tools, I designed the portion plate for kids. I created the original design out of clay and after various design incarnations found the ideal shape to include all five food groups in this single multifunctional tray. In my quest to keep the product made in America, I discovered that not only was this possible but I could also have it made in my home state, Arkansas. I primarily sell the kid's portion plates through my website and through personal contacts I have developed. I recently started selling through As for my business evolving, I am seeking to better establish Weight2go/Portion Size Matters as the primary source for customers to turn to when seeking out educational, user friendly and hands-on children's portion plates. .

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

My workspace is anywhere or anytime a thought or idea comes to mind. My workspace is mobile, my Toyota FJ cruiser. It is sometimes my desk in the corner of my den. My warehouse for storing my portion plates is the extra room above my garage or the garage when a shipment is delivered.

What inspires you?

I'm inspired daily by opportunities to help others learn portion sizes and healthy food choices. Good nutrition is especially important for growing children, from toddlers to teens. Empowering parents to teach their kids healthy eating habits is my focus. The health and wellness of children pertaining to the intervention and prevention of childhood obesity is my passion. Childhood obesity has no boundaries and no limits when it comes to the destruction of the human body. It has crossed every socioeconomic class and wrecked havoc on the internal organs of children who are overweight or obese. It is not routinely recommended that young children lose weight. It's much healthier for them to stop gaining weight and maintain so that their bodies grow into themselves. There are occasions that weight loss is encouraged because of co-morbid conditions incurred that lead to morbidity of the child. Yes, it's that serious. It was with this in mind that I created the kid's portion plate.

What makes your business stand out?

When it comes to industry there are many small and large vendors of dietary and educational tools but dietitians have developed few. This is a niche market with numerous small suppliers but very few designed specifically for children. Weight2go/Portion Size Matters is established through brand marketing, social marketing and business marketing as a one-stop shop for consumers. With childhood obesity being one of the greatest public health challenges in this Western county and globally, portion plates for kids are needed now more than later. In a time when parents are becoming increasingly busy, it can be very difficult to make sure that our kids are getting a balanced diet. Weight2go/Portion Size Matters kids plate can help anyone serve a complete meal because the food groups are marked right in the bottom of each individually measured space. This helps to make sure that a food group is not forgotten because you can see where and how much food to put in the plate.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

You must be passionate about what you want to develop. You want to believe in yourself but have others close by that you can call on in times of turmoil. You should keep your day job while working through the development, manufacturing and marketing phases of this growling knuckle biting adventure you have set out to accomplish. Document everything and keep all literature you can get your hands and eyes on. It will come into use for you at some point or another. Be a good record keeper or hire out for the most needed job of all, someone that can keep up with you. Remember that you can not please everyone all times. Stick to your values, morals, mission and professional obligations at all times, no exceptions. Everyone has an opinion and they are not shy about sharing it with you. Take in consideration all that is said to you but keep only that that will bring you closer to your end product.

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made means jobs and opportunities for those of us here in the USA. It means specifically to create manufacturing jobs for Americans. It means for you and I to buy American Made products. It provides a chance for the American economy to grow and to get better. Domestically manufactured products are becoming important purchasing factors to consumers. It means high-quality workmanship at competitive prices. It means better quality control being consistently maintained when working closely with domestic manufactures. It increases accountability of team members. It's easier to visit our factory and check on sampling and production. This facet alone is key to developing relationships. Face to face working environments are non replaceable and are quickly being coming a thing of the past. I look forward to the day when, "Made in the USA", is not a selling/marketing technique but something that's normal.

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