Carolina Wild

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2014 Food Finalist

Elizabeth Maxwell

Pink Hill, North Carolina
The first American Super Fruit Juice with 1/3 less calories and twice the antioxidants compared to other fruits!
Food, Bottled, Jarred & Canned

Tell us about your business.

We came home to the family farm to take care of my wife's elderly parents. The farm has been in the Maxwell family since the 1600's first as a rice plantation and then a tobacco farm and most recently a cattle ranch. We decided to create a new market for the native Muscadines for our planting and for our neighbors who have suffered since tobacco farming died off. Muscadines grow well here and we will pay growers about the same as tobacco crops!

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

We operate our brand from the Maxwell family farm called Triple Creek Farm in Pink Hill, NC. Still mostly a cattle farm but as our business grows we will be planting Muscadines!

What inspires you?

Helping restore the vitality of eastern NC. My wife Elizabeth has fond memories of growing up in a thriving community. We can help bring in new generations by growing a healthy and beautiful crop of Muscadines. We think we can make this area as beautiful as Napa by planting 1000's of acres of muscadine grapes!

What makes your business stand out?

Our brand story, beautiful packaging and social mission to develop our region.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Think big and never give up!

What does American Made mean to you?

Quality, heritage, good taste and affordable.

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