Latrelle Rostant Textile Jewelry

American Made Since 2014

Latrelle Rostant

11211, New York
My background in textiles and architecture has come together in a way that allows me to crate something that has structure and a tactile skin.
Style, Jewelry

Tell us about your business.

When I started to make these necklaces because I was searching for a way to be more creative outside of my current job. For some time I had a knitting machine that I was not using, I started using it again and soon realizing I wanted to make something small and wearable. I came to realize that I needed to make something that would allow the knitted fabric to hold a shape that I could then embellish. After a few tries I figured out a way to make a somewhat flexible base that would allow the knitted fabric to hold its shape. Once the base was covered, I was able to combine different colored beads to create colorful textured surface. Getting to this point was not something that happened overnight. Looking at the necklaces I've made, and comparing them to things I have made in the past I can  see bits and parts of those things in what I make today. Because of that, I feel that I have been making these necklaces for some time and I am excited for every new creation.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Currently I work out of the living room of the apartment I share with my roommate. In a corner I have my knitting machine and next to it I have my table where I assemble the necklaces. Most of my supplies are in storage containers that I keep under the table. All my beads are keeps together in one bag, when I am finished putting a base together, I take out all the beads and decide which ones to use. Combining them in a way that allows all of the colors to be combined in a way that’s cohesive. 

What inspires you?

The process I have developed to make my inspires me. When I knit on my knitting machine I am always thinking of different ways to construct the knitted fabric, by color, or the texture of the yarn. How the process could be changed if I used a natural fiber with an acrylic yarn, and felted it after I beaded it. With the beads the possibilities are endless because of the different color and texture combinations that are possible not only because of color. They vary in shape, texture, some are matte, some shine. When I lay them out thinking about how I can put them together, I see endless possibilities .

What makes your business stand out?

The process I use make my necklaces, has allowed me to make something that I feel is unique and distinctively my own. My hand as a maker is clearly visible in what I make.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

When you get to the point where you feel that you have done everything you can do to get your business going, and you can't get a sale, DO NOT GIVE UP.  Its during those times you must remember the excitement you feel each time you finish something you've made. Sometimes the things we believe in takes time to really gain traction and the attention of others. In the mean time crate more, and focus on what you’r doing and never compare yourself to the success of others. 

What does American Made mean to you?

American made means that the product is something that allows the user or wearer to convey a story about how it was made and where they got it. The story sparks the interest of the listener, they then go out and seek that item out for themselves or continue to share the story about the item the saw. People enjoy having a story about the things in their lives and the want to share it with the people in their lives.

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