Beach Frames, LLC

American Made Since 2010

Chris Tanner & Michele Tanner

Atlantic Beach, Florida
Beach Frames is a family owned & operated business that handcrafts repurposed & reclaimed wood picture frames & sell to over 500 stores in the US
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Tell us about your business.

In Aug of 2008, my residential mortgage business of 12 yrs took a huge hit & decreased our family income by over 70%...overnight! In addition to scrambling to rebuild that business, my amazing wife came up with the brilliant idea to handcraft picture frames. After 2 yrs of product design & development, we launched Beach Frames in March of 2010. We started our business in our home, garage, living room, dining room & sunk every last dime into building the business. Today we have 15 people on our team, some of which are 70+ year old ladies looking to make extra retirement money, work in a 3400 sq ft facility where we gather & prepare reclaimed wood, build frame blanks, paint, finish, sand, ship & design all of our products & sell to over 500 amazing retail stores across the USA. We are on pace within the next 12 months to top $1 million sales with our eyes focused on $5 million over the next 4 years. We are proud to have built this company from scratch & to put American's to work!

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

In July of 2012, our studio moved from our home/garage to a 1400 sq ft warehouse (now at 3400 sq ft) where we gather copious amounts of reclaimed wood to clean & prepare it for repurposing into handcrafted picture frames. Upon final preparation, the wood is then cut to size and handcrafted into "blanks" where we then send it to our finishing team of artisans that paint, sand, finish and ship the final product to retail home décor, furnishing, resorts & gift stores across the US. We have three offices within our facility where we run the business end of the business and also work on new product designs. We have a very family oriented feel, with our 15 team members, here at Beach Frames where everyone enjoys coming to work and handcrafting high quality products. A lot of our team members are moms looking to provide some extra income for their families and some other folks that were desperately in need of work and an opportunity. We are very proud of our amazing studio team!

What inspires you?

Initially our inspiration was a sheer need for additional income when the economy crashed in 2008 & thus was only viewed as a "hobby". After a couple of years of hard work & reinvesting every penny back into the business, we saw the potential of what our "little" Beach Frames business could become & our eyes became wide open & dreams started to flow. We wanted to depart from the "rat race" & own a fully fledged business that could not only support our family but allow us to thrive & spend more time with each other. In 2009, we picked up everything & moved from Atlanta, GA to Atlantic Beach, Florida to live at the beach. Perfect for Beach Frames, right! We wanted to watch our kids grow up in an amazing environment & spend countless hours together as a family, and that was the driving inspiration behind our company. Additionally we are inspired by building a substantial business, employing American's & giving back to the environment by reclaiming and repurposing wood.

What makes your business stand out?

What makes our business stand out is a uniquely designed and handcrafted picture frame line that is like no other! There are very few picture frames made that consist of reclaimed and repurposed wood...because that's not an easy thing to do...and especially in the quantities that we sell. We frequently receive comments from our customers that, "these frames are amazing and very different from anything I have ever seen!" In addition, we have created a very high quality company image starting with a very professional website, catalogs, & professional lifestyle photo-shoots to exceptional customer service and the delivery of consistent high quality products.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Dream big and surround yourself with people much smarter than yourself and never stop asking questions! Having a great idea is one thing...building a successful business is a whole different challenge. Seek to discover what your true strengths are and don't take too long to employ others to "fill in" for your weaknesses...remember, you can't do it all yourself! Discover the "why" behind your business....what do you want this business of yours to do for you, your family, your lifestyle and then develop a plan that will get you to that end. Remember, as an entrepreneur, you are the CEO and you must learn how to run your business as a business which will take discipline, education, time, patience, frustration (more of that to start off with) and copious amounts of advice from those who have paved the way before you. Never stop asking questions and don't be afraid to fail.

What does American Made mean to you?

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs....for American's!!! There is such an enormous need for new jobs in our area (& across the nation) & everyone we hire overwhelmingly says it's tough "out there" to find a job. It makes us very proud to help create those jobs....even though it's not a whole lot of still helps our locals & local businesses. As of the end of July this year our "little" company has paid over $100,000 in compensation...not bad for something that started out as a "hobby"! As we grow we look forward to employing more & more American's. In addition, we are firm believers that our products are of a higher quality than most competing products that are made overseas and fortunately have a tremendous customer base that support American Made products and appreciate the quality difference! May all of the United States population proudly support American Made products! Bring the jobs home!!!!

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  • mjgeraci 27 Aug, 2014

    Awesome story!! Congratulations on your success!


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