Simply Organized

American Made Since 2009

Samantha Pregenzer

San Francisco, California
Simply Organized is all about living simply and responsibly while staying organized in a beautiful way.
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Tell us about your business.

I'm a professional organizer that specializes in helping families get organized. I'm also the writer behind a blog called Simply Organized. On the blog I share a constant stream of inspiration each week - this includes projects completed in my own home, as well as the homes of Simply Organized clients. I'm a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), both their National group as well as my local San Francisco Bay Area group. I work closely with many well-known companies, including Martha Stewart, where product is shipped to me - I'm then challenged to use the product and showcase it on my site. I love the challenge and am known for thinking outside the box when it comes to both product use and re-purposing items in a new way. Organization is my passion and it shines through both in person, on my blog and over my social media outlets.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

I work from my home office. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to work from home because (in my part-time job - ha!) I'm a stay at home mother to 3 children (9, 8 and 4). Really, my entire home is my work space because I create many of my ideas and implement them here at home. My workspace also includes client's homes.

What inspires you?

What doesn't inspire me?! I find inspiration through a variety of sources, like magazines, pinterest and peers in my profession. But where I would say most of my inspiration comes from is my readers, followers and clients. I love to hear that my simple ideas work for them. I love to see a client inspired in their new organized space I helped create. I love to see an organization challenge and brainstorm ideas. It's the people I work with and the people who comment on my posts that inspire me the most.

What makes your business stand out?

What makes my business stand out is that I operate simply. I always have cost at the top of my concern list. If I can make it for less and have the same outcome (usually better!), I'm all over it! Being organized doesn't have to cost a lot of money and I make sure that message is conveyed through my site and while I work one-on-one with clients. What also makes me stand out is my sense of humor (or so I'm told?!). I love to make it fun - always. I love to laugh, especially at myself. And when you're laughing while purging a room that holds items someone is hoarding and doesn't want to get rid of - they tend to get very uptight and worried. Laughter helps. Laughter breaks through some of the anxiety. I also have a degree in counseling, so that has been useful! Getting organized doesn't happen overnight, but it can be easy, simple and fun…and the end result always makes people smile / feel better.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

My advice is to follow your true passion, stay true to yourself, and most importantly stay true to your voice. This message works across the board no matter what profession you're in, but in the blog world, it's easy to compare yourself to others - especially when someone appears to be having more success. Just continue being you, let your voice and personality shine. Own who you are. There is only one you - and only one person can do you well…YOU!

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made means to me there is a sense of pride in the work we are creating. Pride that it's being created in America. Pride that it's impacting American's across the county, especially via the Internet and social media because that has a huge reach. But it also reaches out beyond America. When we share something we made here in the US, we are inspiring people all over the World that anything is possible. There is freedom, independence, and love in the items we are creating…and America is built on those fundamentals, and more! It makes me proud.

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