Daily Chocolate

American Made Since 2009
2014 Food Finalist

Jennifer Roberts

Vergennes, Vermont
Hand made artisan Vermont made chocolates. We use local and organic goods, when available. All products are GMO free and fair trade certified.
Finalist Vermont
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Tell us about your business.

Daily Chocolate was opened in late 2005 and purchased by Jen Roberts and her husband Judd Markowski in the summer of 2009. Jen studied with the previous owner to learn the tricks of the trade. She is always looking for new ideas, new influences and inspired taste combinations. Christina Caniyo has worked in the shop since 2008 and has been continually expanding her culinary knowledge. We all work hard to create luscious and delightful chocolates every day. Our chocolates are all made in small batches, hand cut and dipped. Some of our most popular flavors are our Black Rum Caramels, the Peppermint Patties and our Lemon Lavender white chocolate bark. We often have 'test' batches of chocolates in our case and we love to hear feed back. We are changing every day the way we do things in an effort to make less waste. Jen's chickens get all food scraps from the shop and most of our boxes are made from recycled materials.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

When you enter the shop you have to walk down stairs from the main street above and you enter into a different world. Your nose is filled with the amazing smell of fresh chocolate, caramel, and toffee. You are surrounded by an old world feel with the stone and brick walls as well as the large wooden beams over head. The confections are all made in an open kitchen on granite topped tables for all to watch. All the treats are displayed in a large antique glass and brass case, where customers are able to find their favorites. You can walk out with a gift box of chocolates carefully wrapped and sealed for someone special or a delightful wax bags of treat just for you.

What inspires you?

Jen, has always been an amazing artist, from knitting anything she can think of to baking amazing dishes, always with her own spin. She fell in love with the idea of owning the chocolate shop when she worked there and when it was up for sale, she jumped at the chance. She hasn't looked back and keeps coming up with new inventions that surprise your taste buds. Whenever someone new tastes our chocolate, they become an instant fan, say it is the best chocolate they have ever had and 'I have never had anything like this before'. Bringing joy to so many taste buds and people while doing what she loves, is what makes her job so fun.

What makes your business stand out?

We stand out because we use the best ingredients in our chocolate confections and we make it all by hand. Our bark, as sold in other stores, is packaged very distinctly. With transparent wrapping, a bright label and hand broken bars it doesn't look like anything else on the shelf. Once people try it, they remember it because it is the most unique and best tasting chocolate around. Being made in the USA and Vermont, we take high pride in the quality of our product and how it stands out on the shelves. It's not just another chocolate bar. When you stop in the shop we have a variety of boxes that can be filled with any variety of our confections. Each box is lined with a gorgeous paper and then closed with paper band and sealed with a label with our full color logo on it. Opening a box is the best present.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

I would tell aspiring creative entrepreneurs to first create a great product that they believe in, that they enjoy making. Then figure out how to market and sell it. If you are not making something you believe in and enjoy it will be apparent in your product and your ability to sell it. Love your product and it will almost sell it's self.

What does American Made mean to you?

American made means you use the products that are located all around us. We go a step father and try to use as many Vermont made ingredients as possible. We have amazing products and materials located in the United State, sometimes you have to pay a little more but we wouldn't want to sacrifice quality for a well lower priced, inferior product made somewhere else.

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