No Oink - No Cluck- No Moo & No Fins Meat Alternatives

American Made Since 2014
A healthy meat alternative different from everything out on the market. vegan*gluten free*soy free*nut free* dairy free*corn free*non Gmo
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Tell us about your business.

This business was started on helping people transfer from eating to a plant based diet while still not having to sacrifice some of those flavors that people like about meat. It's nice being able to keep some thing you like when it comes to taste without having to compromise the health, and welfare that concerns us. Our product can be made to order with higher vegetable protein content. We use brown rice, hemp seeds, and chia seeds by special order for people wanting to order special a higher protein meat alternative. Our products are so easy to use, it's as easy as heat & eat or simply open the bag and use a spoon to get every crumb! Our goal is to provide healthy food options by way of doing no harm !

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

We operate out of a commercial kitchen, and when we are not cooking we are serving the community and helping to meet the needs of individuals in our community with programs such as, "Sacramento Valley / Oak Park Thanksgiving to the Streets, Sacramento Blanket Drive, One Can Can Do, Sacramento Poverty- Reaching Back hygiene outreach and Christmas Baskets to the Streets. Our work space is located in a church where we can reach out while working!

What inspires you?

People inspire us, finding ways to help others in their struggles. We are all in this life together! United We Stand, Divided we Fail! Being disabled, I understand the struggles of others as I deal with my own... It's hard not having someone you can call on in hard times... Be the miracle, share the miracles, See the miracles !

What makes your business stand out?

Our passion & compassion to others, our uniqueness, and the products and services we offer, as well as what we stand for!

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Dream it, believe it, achieve it! can't is not an option. Find your limitations and build on the can dos!

What does American Made mean to you?

It stands for greatness, it stands for living the dream! It means to me .... freedom to live, to dream, to achieve, and the pride of American made by Americans to Support Americans!

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