Pura Naturals

American Made Since 2013
2014 Design Finalist

Jim Kordenbrock

Lake Forest, California
Pura Naturals makes soap-infused sponges out of BeBetterFoam™ - an earth conscious material that absorbs oil, resists bacteria & stays fresh.
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Tell us about your business.

Pura Naturals products are made from BeBetterFoam™ (BBF) - an earth conscious™ material created in response to the Gulf oil spill in 2010. BBF is approved by the EPA for use in all waterways and is a non-toxic, plant-based foam that is water repellent yet oil and silicone absorbent. BBF is so resilient that it can be used again and again without breaking down. We found the very qualities that made BBF a superior solution for cleaning up oil spills make it a superior way to clean up in our homes. BBF attracts grime and grease like a magnet, then rinses out easily and dries quickly to stay fresh! Our line consists of Home cleaning and Personal Care products. Several of our products include all-natural, biodegradable soap-infused sponges made using a proprietary, patent pending process. Our revolutionary products are all handmade in California. Introducing Pura Naturals, a line of earth conscious home cleaning and personal care products that help us live better and be better!

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Our office is located in Lake Forest, CA, and our factory is located in Mira Loma, CA.

What inspires you?

Making our planet better! We know we can always improve. We want to leave this planet better. We are passionate about creating products or improving products that will help us live better and be better. More than a mission, this is our mantra; it’s what our company was founded on, and it’s what drives us today. The way we do this is to identify problems and offer solutions through the creation of earth conscious products we bring to market. Our Vision is to rethink the way the World cleans while making our planet better. Our Mission is to create a portfolio of earth conscious products that will not harm our planet. Values are important to us and we are committed to being, (1) Respectful; (2) Responsible; (3) Accountable; (4) Solutions-Oriented; (5) Teamwork Driven; (6) Integrity-centric. In the end, it's about leaving a legacy of a cleaner, greener Earth for our kids and their kids to come.

What makes your business stand out?

We are a small company with big aspirations. By nature of the products we offer, the potential for growth is real. As such, we are driven - in all aspects of business - to be better. This begins with the product. We have fine-tuned the production, packaging and ingredients list to a delightful Earth conscious melody. Being better also includes seeking the intrinsic and instrumental value of creating jobs here locally in southern California, and across the US. Being better is not just setting ambitious goals; it's actually seeing them come to fruition. But to be better is to understand that success is not greater than deserving to succeed. We know this, and each day we strive to reach the goal of truly deserving whatever success comes our way. While we are on this journey, we do our best to use our technology for community well-being. We are proud that our BeBetterFoam was used in Alamitos Bay for an oil-spill clean-up initiative - just miles from our office in Lake Forest.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Never give up. Believe in your vision and relentlessly pursue it. Many will doubt, challenge and question you. It doesn't matter. Stay the course. Remember, your vision is yours alone - others may not understand it at first. And that's OK. Let the market decide whether a product succeeds or not.

What does American Made mean to you?

America encapsulates the idea of freedom through entrepreneurship and problem solving. It also implies - in the strictest sense - the ability to design and manufacture here in the USA, hire the finest US workforce, and be competitive in the global marketplace. As a former military combat aviator, I maintain a resolute commitment to keeping manufacturing jobs here in the United States to give others what was given to me: a chance to live the American dream through being a part of a winning team, and supporting the greater good in the process.

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