8 Bit Bakeshop LLC.

American Made Since 2014

Hannah Maldonado & Matthew McNamee

36-46 37th street, New York
8 Bit Bakeshop - where the cake is NEVER a lie! We aim to bridge the gaming generation gap using the one platform everyone can enjoy... food!
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Tell us about your business.

One day, on an impromptu car ride to nowhere, Matt and Hannah had a very interesting talk about the things they loved most - video games and comic books. "You think any bakeries out there actually do make video game and comic book sweets?" "I Imagine they do...But most likely not exclusively. Maybe only if someone orders them." "But how cool would it be if someone did only that, all the time?" They stared at each other. And simply enough, that is how 8 Bit Bakeshop was born. Fueled by all things nerdy, geeky, and otaku, these two best friends decided it was their duty to bridge generation gaps using a platform everyone can agree on - FOOD! We started baking in home, using our own savings to become legal and finally get into an incubator. During this journey, we have caught the eyes of many big names in the gaming and comic community. There is a large and dedicated fan base in our field. By catering to every nerdy whim, we are confident in our growth.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Our work space began in our own home, much like everyone else. Everything was made by hand to perfection. Eventually, we upgraded to a 20 qt mixer as we gained popularity and soon realized we outgrew our little kitchen. We work out of The Entrepreneur's Space in Long Island City, NY. In this state of the art kitchen with full rack ovens, 50 qt mixers, and dough sheeters, we are able to recreate our hand made treats to an industry standard. We pride ourselves on using top quality ingredients and shop for American made ingredients and tools as often as possible. Using our passions for video games and comic books, we can recreate and create new fully custom treats with the attention to detail one would expect from a fellow nerd.

What inspires you?

The men , women, and children that wake up each morning to face their daily struggles like the super heroes they are. They are our inspiration. Its hard to find someone who did not grow up with the influences of famed comic book heroes teaching them right from wrong. It's even harder to find someone who has never touched a gaming controller, joystick, or mouse, at least once in their lives. What you can find are generations of people who become separated from each other due to the daily hardships of life, the technological advancements made everyday, and even from their happier former selves. Give dad a custom arcade cabinet from 8 Bit Bakeshop. Watch is eyes light up as he tells you stories of old high scores from his glory days. Give a shy friend a cupcake for no reason with the themes of the latest video game installment. It'll be a great ice breaker. And give yourself one of our super hero cookies. Remind yourself that you are amazingly super and can do anything.

What makes your business stand out?

8 Bit Bakeshop stands out because we are the only video game and comic book inspired bakery that has taken on the task of exclusively creating what we call "Nostalgia Inducing Treats". These are treats that are meant to swing you back to the glory days of no save files, harder bosses, and the head aches from blowing into cartridges. We pay such an intensely close eye on the smallest details that many traditional bakeries would miss. While any bakery can create your nerdy inspired treats on a special event basis, all of our nerdy treats are a day to day pleasure to create. Your imagination is in the hands of the people that idolize video games and comics as much as you do. It goes well pass business and passion to being what we completely engulf ourselves in. We breathe, eat, sleep, and dress for the nerd life. This is why we are alive!

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

1) Destroy your fear and eat the remains for breakfast. 2) You can do this. 3) It's dangerous to go alone...take some good friends with you.

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made means an overwhelming melting pot of creativity. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, but once they step foot here, they are American. We teach each other our old methods and use them to create and improve upon new things that benefit the world. By doing this, we not only encourage economic growth but also the growth of the human race as a whole. When we are a united people, no dream is out of reach.

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