Sensational Sauces

American Made Since 2012

Duane Ward

Brooklyn, New York
Small batch sauces with no chemicals, preservatives or stabilizers focused on bold tastes, unique flavors & freshest locally sourced ingredients
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Tell us about your business.

While shopping one day, I noticed so many products that had few ingredients aside from chemicals. The title ingredients were the smallest contributors & all the flavors were boring. Inspired by seeing so many unique flavor offerings at restaurants never translated to the kitchen table, I started Sensational Sauces just over 2 years ago to stop these trends. People are seeking more adventurous flavors in a healthier alternative & ingredients they can trust in a product made with passion, care & integrity. Sensational Sauces offers just that. Bold restaurant quality taste. Unique flavors you won't find anywhere else & the freshest locally sourced ingredients supporting the economy & agriculture around us. The sauces are all handmade in small batches to ensure maximum quality. My vision, is to have pockets that support each local area. Each pocket will use local ingredients from it's 5 surrounding states & workers from its area lowering emissions & pushing the freshest product.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Currently I produce out of an incubator kitchen in Long Island City, Queens. I use my home as my test kitchen where I develop new offerings as well as my office space. My home kitchen is small but effective. At the incubator space, I have one shelf for cold storage and a modestly sized dry storage area. I usually have enough space for 3 tables within my area with access to a 4 range stove, double-deck oven, a grill and a tilt skillet. Currently I'm a one man show throughout my entire operation. I'm my sole investor. I develop, cook, bottle, design the packaging and marketing materials, package, ship and sell all the products myself. Because of this, my home work space is feeling more cramped as I expand.

What inspires you?

What inspires me to keep creating, is knowing that such a small thing as a sauce can make or break a dish. I want to make that moment as inspirational and memorable as possible. I love seeing the look on peoples faces when they taste the sauces for the first time. I am originally from a one company town Flint, Mi. So a great part of my inspiration is also making sure I have a business that not only supports the growth of the community it's in but also cultivating future economic stability. This is why I'm trying to mentor teens through the company. I want to show them, that it's possible to create their own vision and see it through. My goal is to provide essential life skills as well as motivate and cultivate the courage it takes to step out on their dreams. This way, there's always more than one company around supporting the community. Hopefully this will inspire them to do the same for the generation after them and beyond.

What makes your business stand out?

Currently what makes the business stand out is the fact that it's a complete one man show from concept to shelf. Also the fact that there's no intention for machine production. What will continually stand out, is the companies idea of how to support the local economies it's within. The business pockets will allow the company to ensure the freshest product from local sources they trust while also getting it to them faster from when it's actually created. The mentoring program will ensure future economic and agricultural growth and stability through the cultivation of future entrepreneurs and innovators. Also the drive to support community development. One of the main things many people in my home town faced after GM left, was deciding between putting food on the table or fixing or maintaining quality of life essentials. I want people to not have to choose between food and having a quality life so the company will always donate a portion of the annual sales to community development.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

NEVER GET COMFORTABLE! The second you get comfortable, you start sacrificing your vision and compromising your integrity in order to maintain instead of cultivating growth and innovation. ALWAYS be creative. ALWAYS be different, ALWAYS seek to be better and ALWAYS be willing to fail. Your greatest growth happens when you're willing to lose everything for what you believe in. You can't start something new if you're not afraid to risk it all and you can't strive for greatness playing it safe. Also don't over-think it. Meaning if you think about it, DO IT! Don't get so caught up in what everybody else thinks about what you're trying to do that you end up doing nothing at all. Your vision is important and it needs to be shared. However, do your research and make sure you come in knowledgeable in how to proceed. Many people fail because they have no clue how to proceed and they refuse to accept advise.

What does American Made mean to you?

American made to me, means something you do with your own two hands in a fashion that the people effected by it can be proud of. Supporting the community around you as they support you. American made means you take pride in what you do. Therefore you always give your best and nothing less. It's being innovative and doing things that nobody else thought was possible sparking imagination and stunning the world with its end result.

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