r.wood studio

American Made Since 1991
2014 Crafts Finalist

rebecca wood

athens, Georgia
we've been making handmade southern pottery for 23 years.made with love and care by wonderful people. used and loved by people all over america!
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Tell us about your business.

i started out with nor ceramics or business training. i made plates i loved and the demand for them has always kept me in orders.i started getting orders as soon as i made my first plates. each piece is made by hand, and people really, REALLY love using them! that means a lot to me. we are in an old brick warehouse,and there we have lots of one-of-a-kind things that everyone at the studio creates people come from far and wide to visit the studio and see things being made. they love the convivial atmosphere and all the colorful plates to look at and choose from. we have a lot of collectors from all over the southeast.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

we are in an old brick warehouse right near downtown athens. there's no insulation, so it's hot as heck in the summer and cold as heck in the winter, but we all enjoy coming to work so much. everyone works along as we chat, brainstorm,laugh and listen to music or podcasts.the studio is full of kind and creative people who all work together to get the orders out,and wait on customers who come in the door all day to explore and see what's new. everyone that works at r.wood studio can make things off the clock to sell in our shop and online. we keep track of all the sales,and at the end of each month, everyone gets a check for what they sold,minus a small percent to cover materials and firing. that way, we have lots of unique pieces that coordinate with our regular line. everyone takes responsibility to do some cleaning, arrange flowers in the shop,help customers,and arrange new pottery displays. it's a wonderful creative collaboration.

What inspires you?

nature has always inspired,and southern beauty is so lush and colorful. we always strive to share what inspires us.we sponsor a southern beauty blog, 'beauty'. pretty much everything inspires!

What makes your business stand out?

the love. people literally 'love' our pottery and the beauty it adds to their daily life. we love working at the studio,people love visiting,we love making it.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

stay true to what you love

What does American Made mean to you?

american made means creating jobs in america. it also means quality and care and pride. it also means being more sustainable and self sufficient, and spending our dollars closer to home,benefitting more americans. it also means livelihood for american artists and craftspeople. american made means a better future for us all.

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