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2014 Food Finalist

Tammy Coston

Kaufman, Texas
Welcome to the one stop Jelly Shop! Home of our 2013 State Fair of Texas Award Winning Jalapeno Jelly and Award Winning ChowChow Relish.
Food, Bottled, Jarred & Canned

Tell us about your business.

My business started because we have a private garden and we had an abundant Jalapeno and Green Tomato harvest. My mom suggested to make my Uncle's famous Jalapeno Jelly and ChowChow Relish. I gave the products away as gifts to friends and family. They loved them and wanted to buy them for their friends. I then started creating recipes with unique unheard of flavors. I was approached about producing Salsa as Wedding Favors. This part of my business has really taken off. I'm getting more and more Weddings all across the country. I participate in selling at local Farmer's Markets and Festivals to introduce my business and products to the public. I've created and made Taste of Texas Gift Sets for Corporations to send to their Clients for Christmas Gifts. I love to cook and even more I love creating products that people find unique and tasty. I currently now have a store front in the location we produce all our products. My future goal is to run my business full time.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

I rent commerical kitchen space from a local Wedding Cake Company in the town of Kaufman. This keeps me within the guidelines for my Texas Food Manufactuing License. My products are on display and for sale in the Cake Shop store front. I process all my Jellies, Relish and Salsa with the Hot Water Bath method. All vegetables come out of our private garden or from local farmers. Our private garden has increased in size to keep up the demand and we have recently added a greenhouse so we can continue to produce vegetables all year long. I currently work a Full Time Job and run my business. My goal is to build my business so that it is my full time and only venture.

What inspires you?

The American Dream inspires me. The opportunity to build my business as big or small as I want. To have the goal of building my business so that it is my only full time venture and only source of income. To live in a country that provides the opportunity for anyone to do this is the greatest inspiration. All the hard work, ups and downs will benefit the outcome. I'm a determined hard working, motivated woman & I want to determine my own value. I see this business and my love for cooking, gardening, people, and sales helping me acheive my goals. My husband's willingness to help me with taking care of the garden for the good of our business inspires me as we are committed to this together. Working a full time job and then going to the shop to cook for 4-5hrs per night can be grueling but reward is so worth it. To see my products win awards at the Great State Fair of Texas inspires me & let's me know that this is what I need to be doing & when I should be doing it.

What makes your business stand out?

I believe the unique flavors we offer and the taste makes our products stand out. Our products taste very good. The flavors are inviting and well received by the consumer. Our unique flavors make the perfect gifts for those that have everything.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Don't ever give up! When you are tired, up against the wall and don't feel like you can go any further. Dig deep inside and keep pushing. Word of mouth is the best advertising ever. Give samples away. You will get sales from them. Talk Talk Talk about your business to everyone.

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made means pride, dedication, hard work, stability and helping others. I love products made in American. I always look for and support the American Made companies (large and small). American Made means the company started as someone's dream and blossomed into a thriving business.

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