Bounkit Design

American Made Since 2006
2014 Style Finalist

Hassan Bounkit

NEW YORK, New York
Hand crafted in New York city with a lot of love.
Style, Jewelry

Tell us about your business.

Bounkit started from my living room, and in 2006 when my wife was expecting our first son, I had no other option but to bite the bullet and get a small studio in midtown. It has been a great journey because I really enjoy what I do, and especially when we get so many compliments from our customers and the media.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Our company grew to be of twelve employees. We moved to a whole bright floor with a showroom, kitchen, dining room, stones room, and enough space to celebrate all the employees birthdays and special occasions.

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by the colorful land where I was born Morocco. Also by my fascination with the old Hollywood movies. And last by the confident ladies who are not afraid to wear bold jewelry in an elegant way.

What makes your business stand out?

I think my business stands out because the collection is made in USA. We have a great relationship with our customers. The editors like the collection as well as the celebrities.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Follow your dreams and never give up at the first obstacle you will encounter.

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made means to me quality, Independence and pride.

Comments (33)

  • Amanda f askew 16 Oct, 2014

    I hope you win! I just love your pieces and have loved chatting over instagram. Good luck!

  • hassan 16 Oct, 2014

    I hope too Amanda...Thank you!

  • vivitaurina07 4 Oct, 2014

    amazing <3

  • vivitaurina07 4 Oct, 2014

    I love Bounkitjewlery.

  • preshyous 2 Oct, 2014

    Exquisite jewelry! My "wish list" is getting longer : )

  • hassan 2 Oct, 2014

    Hi Nancy, we will be happy to fulfill your wish list:) Thank you!

  • kaysdesignsx3 2 Oct, 2014

    I love my Bounkit earrings! Hassan Bounkit is a genius!

    I always receive wonderful compliments, and love the fact that they are interchangeable, I can wear them to brunch with the girls and convert them to a girls night out pair of earrings by adding the drop! they are truly wonderful.

  • hassan 2 Oct, 2014

    Dear Kay, I am so glad you're making a good use of flexibility of the designs. There is more to come! Thank you for your support!

  • vivitaurina07 2 Oct, 2014

    I actually work here.There is alot of effort making this wonderful pieces of art.I swear, You will never see a piece of jewlery as well as Bounkit.The design is truly Unique.I would recommend this to everyone.

  • hassan 2 Oct, 2014

    You're Hired again! :)

  • anniewheels 1 Oct, 2014

    Hassan Bounkit designs beautiful jewelry! The first pair of his earrings that I got were the green onyx drops. I have received so many compliments on them. They're as comfortable (I love the clip on style) as they are beautiful. He truly is blessed with a gift from God with his jewelry designing! He also takes the time to respond to any comments you leave him, which says a lot about the man he is.

  • hassan 2 Oct, 2014

    Dear Shelley, Thank you for bringing up the comfort feature of our collection. A lot of people assume because it's big and bold , it must be heavy. But it's not. Our earrings are not made of casting, instead they are made small settings soldered together with sterling silver for durability . It is time consuming and labor intense. But that's the only way they can be light and comfortable. The comfort of my costumers while wearing the jewelry is my biggest priority! I appreciate your reply.

  • dwtpet 30 Sep, 2014

    Hassan's jewelry is absolutely stunning, and women will stop you and ask where you got your gorgeous pieces of wearable art. They truly make your outfit something special. I also love that he's a family man, and takes pride in making his pieces right here in the USA. Thank you, Hassan, for bringing your lovely jewelry to us.

  • hassan 30 Sep, 2014

    Dear Patricia, I am humbled and touched by your beautiful words! Thank you for serving in our United States Army, because you give us far more than I give. And for that I salute you!!

  • larmanda 30 Sep, 2014

    Bounkit deserves to win because they make extraordinary and timeless pieces that make me feel special and that is why I wear them all the time! I can't wait to add more pieces to my Bounkit collection.

  • hassan 1 Oct, 2014

    Dear "Larmanda" Timeless is the word. Not only the way the jewelry looks, but also how it's made. That's why we offer a guaranty life if we have the materials on hands. I'm glad you mentioned that you carry them with you all the time. That's the reason I made all my designs convertible. For example the same earrings can be worn in 4 different ways. Thank you!

  • dianymantillar 30 Sep, 2014

    Very creative designs, Bounkit deserves to win!!

  • vivitaurina07 30 Sep, 2014

    Bounkit needs to win.It has very rare combinations of colors.It has to be the only company that has those colors.1000000000000/10

  • allie4043 29 Sep, 2014

    Amazing designs, very creative. Love it!!

  • hassan 29 Sep, 2014

    I really appreciate it Allie!!

  • notserenavanderwoodsen 29 Sep, 2014

    Love Bounkit! My favorite jewelry

  • hassan 29 Sep, 2014

    It means a lot to me Serena!!

  • valeryamor 27 Sep, 2014

    Bounkit jewlery Is Extreamly out of this world.I swear if i had a million dollars i would buy every single one the designs

  • hassan 28 Sep, 2014

    Thank you Valery...I hope you'll get a million dollar:)

  • SANABENTEBBAA 25 Sep, 2014

    I love Bounkit !!! Beautiful design so creative !!!

  • hassan 28 Sep, 2014

    Thank you!!

  • ash chris young 25 Sep, 2014

    Bounkit jewelry is beautiful! My favorite

  • hassan 28 Sep, 2014

    Thank you Ashley!!

  • vivitaurina07 20 Sep, 2014

    i love Bounkit Jewlery. They are one of a kind

  • hassan 21 Sep, 2014

    Thank you Diana!

  • hassan 28 Sep, 2014

    Thank you!!

  • hbentebbaa 17 Sep, 2014

    Bounkit makes gorgeous pieces.. big fan

  • hassan 21 Sep, 2014

    Thank you.


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