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Lisa Ruiz

Santa Ana, California
Pinkcredible is the ONLY glass cleaner that leaves a high definition layer which repels dirt so you don't have to clean as often!
Design, Homekeeping

Tell us about your business.

The name of my business is OCPC, Inc. (Orange County Paper & Chemical). We have been an American family business for over 20 years. OCPC, Inc. is a janitorial and chemical supply business. I used to be a police officer but instead I decided to take over the family business two years ago. Since then, I have automated and updated the entire business. I have also taken the business to the next level in offering products to the general retail market versus solely for facilities/janitorial companies. I created a new glass cleaner which is not yet on the retail market called Pinkcredible High Definition Glass Cleaner. The reason why this glass cleaner is so special is because it is the ONLY glass cleaner that cleans with extraordinary clarity and brilliance; leaves a sleek, smooth unique high definition layer which repels dirt so you don't have to clean as often! It has a fantastic cherry/almond fragrance and non-toxic too! Ultimately, we would like to see Pinkcredible in retail stores!

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

We have been a chemical manufacturing company for over 20 years which means we have a full operation of mixing tanks, bottle fillers, etc. We are highly functional as far as producing large amounts of products at any given time.

What inspires you?

I used to be a police officer so I am a programmed problem-solver. What inspires me mostly is when a customer comes to me with a problem such as streaks on their glass, a stain on their carpet or hard water stains on their glass shower doors and I have the perfect solutions for them! It's inspiring to keep forging ahead with creativity to be able to solve these cleaning problems which people have been struggling with for years. To see their eyes light up in utter surprise and disbelief of how amazing our products work is super amazingly fulfilling to me!

What makes your business stand out?

What makes my business/product stand out is currently I have ZERO competition. There is NO glass cleaner that does what my glass cleaner does. It truly is amazing and borderline unbelievable. Once Pinkcredible hits the market no one will ever use any of those other blue glass cleaners again! Everyone who has tried it or uses it is completely blown away by it's performance. A recap of Pinkcredible High Definition Glass Cleaner: it cleans extraordinarily well while leaving a high definition layer to the glass which gives off an amazing clarity and brilliance. This layer is so sleek and smooth you can actually feel it. It also repels dirt so you don't have to clean as often! It has a very pleasant cherry/almond fragrance & non-toxic too! It does not leave steaks and repels fingerprints too! Anyone with children or small pets would love it! And it's pink and fun! It also may be used on wood, granite, plastic, laminate and even on the body paint of your car! Use it on anything! Amazing!

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Just keep forging ahead! We all have good days and bad days but if you keep focused and believe in what you are doing you will prevail. Don't give up because one day you may make the difference in someone else's world by introducing them to something they have never seen before or you may solve a problem that no one before you was able to do.

What does American Made mean to you?

What American Made means to me is the opportunity for a small American business which has worked hard for many years to rise above from a mom and pop scaled business to a large scaled conglomerate. American Made can be instrumental in making things like this possible. American Made denotes the "American Dream" and what America stands for. How someone like Martha Stewart an American icon and success story on her own merits can make the same dreams come true for other American businesses all whilst possibly being instrumental in bringing something new and fresh, i.e. an innovative glass cleaner that repels dirt and fingerprints! Wow!

Comments (2)

  • tanya-griffin 5 Sep, 2014

    I ordered this because i saw it here, use it on every surface, smells wonderful and cleans & polishes every surface! Will be ordering on a regular basis

  • Lisa 6 Sep, 2014

    Dear TTanya,
    Thank you for loving Pinkcredible! Use it on glass, marble, granite, plastic, laminate and even on the body of your car! It's truly a Multi purpose cleaner that will add sparkle to your home and make cleaning fun and easy! (The results last you don't have to clean as often!) Isn't the fragrance amazing???? It's Cherry/Almond!!!
    Cheers and thank you again!!! :-)


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