Glass Studio on Cape Cod

American Made Since 1992

Michael Magyar & Keiko Magyar

East Sandwich, Massachusetts
A glass blowing studio where customers can both watch and purchase the individually hand sculpted pieces.
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Tell us about your business.

With my wife Keiko Magyar, We started the Glass Studio on Cape Cod in 1992, and chose the location due to the proximity of the ocean and the wonderful location of scenic Route 6A. With a degree in master of fine arts, I studied glass making from American, Italian and Japanese glass masters and worked at glass studios around the world before settling in his own here on the Cape. Our more popular design is the blue and green bubble design we call the Sea Bubble collection. I was inspired by the ocean and decided to replicate that in my work. The studio creates a wide selection of pieces from very intricate venetian wine glasses to grand custom lamp shades. Keiko runs the gallery independently selling and providing information on the artwork. The gallery emphasizes strong customer service and provides complimentary gift wrapping and engraving for any piece. I also try to act as a strong member of the Cape community and donates my time and work to many local projects.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

This business is divided into two sections: the studio and the gallery. Both are connected to each other so customers are able to see the glass blowers at work and the artwork on display. The studio has four glass artist currently working: Myself, Billy Mayer, Manx Taiki Magyar and Spencer Larivier. Working together, we produce pieces for the gallery or custom orders designed by myself and my client. Our studio is open to the public for anyone to stop and see what we are currently making. The gallery has a large stock of many of our more popular pieces like the Sea Bubble Collection, but we also feature many other items like starfish, ornaments, vases, lamp shades, and more sculptural designs.

What inspires you?

Often my surroundings have molded my artwork whether I knew it or not. The Cape beaches and ocean have greatly influenced me, which gave birth to my more popular designs. I am also influenced by collaboration, which is a huge contention for glass work, the balance of functionality and art. Along with glass blowing, I am a metal worker; so for many of my sculptures I mix metal and glass. I often find the contrast fitting for my emotions towards glass work. I also had a joint art show with another local artist and friend, who uses stone as his palette. It was one of the most engaging and rewarding art exhibits trying to collaborate with another melding glass and stone into art.

What makes your business stand out?

I blow glass out of my house. We are small yet strong, and support a craft that completely abolishes big industry mentality. Our business is for those who chose quality over quantity, and human touch over machines. We engage with the customers and make sure to provide people with beautiful hand crafted work that is truly unique.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Be incredible bold. Be the boldest person you can be and let your passions drive you. Don't always worry about the 'what ifs..." because as long as you work your hardest and remain bold, amazing possibilities will open up. Also perseverance, I can speak from experience that starting can be a struggle so just don't lose sight of what drives you and work your hardest!

What does American Made mean to you?

A beautiful relationship. Nothing says something more American or more at home, than making art and running my business from there. It has been a incredibly wonderful journey living and working from my home, and mixing the two. People often want to leave their work at work, but I absolutely love embracing the relationship. American Made is something built from passion and my family and home help drive this passion. I couldn't make the work I make without the direct influences of my wife and kids; and the ability to be so close to my work.

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