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2014 Food Finalist

Natasha Case

Los Angeles, California
Coolhaus is an innovative ice cream company serving up architecturally-inspired, sweet, savory, sometimes boozy & always FUN ice cream sammies.
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Tell us about your business.

Coolhaus co-founders Natasha Case and Freya Estreller started baking cookies, making ice cream, and combining them into "cool houses" in 2008. With mutual backgrounds in the design and real estate fields, they began naming their ice cream sandwiches after architects and architectural movements that inspired them - and eventually decided to take their newfound passion (dubbed "Farchitecture," or Food + Architecture) to their hometown streets in Los Angeles. So after a few days on Craigslist (and some time convincing their families they weren't crazy), they found and bought a beat-up old postal van, trekked out to the world-famous Coachella Valley Music Festival in April 2009 to make their debut, and, well...the rest is history. Now, Coolhaus operates a national fleet of 11 mobile ice cream trucks and carts (5 in Southern California, 3 in NYC, 2 in Austin, and 1 in Dallas). The trucks can be seen vending throughout each city and at large public events, blowing guests away at privatel

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

We started out in a beat up postal van turned ice cream truck at Coachella. It was the perfect backdrop for our first day in business! Today, we have two storefronts in the LA area with trucks in LA, NYC, Austin and Dallas. We're also sold in 2,000 markets across the country (including Whole Foods). Follow our trucks:

What inspires you?

First and foremost, architecture and design (our ice cream + cookie sandwiches are named after famous architects and architectural all started with my desire to share my passion for architecture!). I'm also inspired by new experiences and interesting flavor combinations!

What makes your business stand out?

At Coolhaus, we love all types of food and strive to push the boundaries of traditional dessert by creating unique, sweet-meets-savory flavors you can't find anywhere else. We sit down for a meal and think, "Shucks, wouldn't that make a good ice cream sandwich combo?" (True story: pickled ginger radish and wasabi at a sushi dinner became an ice cream sandwich with ginger cookies and chocolate wasabi ice cream.) It doesn't just stop at cookies and ice cream - our adventurous palates have led us to expand our line of gourmet goodies to include treats like fried chicken caramel (with hints of cayenne, sage and black pepper) and handmade candy bars. Equally important as our dedication to innovation is our commitment to quality and sustainability. Every Coolhaus treat is all-natural, handmade and organic whenever possible, made with sustainably produced, hormone-free dairy and fresh, local ingredients - because we're all about satisfying your sweet tooth AND mother nature.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

It’s important to take experience and re-imagine and re-purpose it in an innovative way to break the mold in business. To be cutting edge, your vision has to be bigger than the original business idea. Look at what competitors are not doing and see if your company can do it!

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made means made with passion, love and care for the environment and society. Coolhaus products are American Made because they are all-natural, handmade and organic (when possible). Everything is made with sustainably produced, hormone-free dairy and fresh, local ingredients.

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