Norwegian Protein Magic, Inc

American Made Since 2014

Benedicte Engen

New York, New York
This Company is created for us who IF we had the option to eat sweets everyday and stay lean we would. Finally we can eat waffles guilt free !
Food, Sweets & Baked Goods

Tell us about your business.

As a crossfit trainer, kettlebell and yogainstructor in Norway I experimented with protein waffles and started selling to gyms. People started asking how I could eat waffles everyday and perform good in sports, but with these waffles you actually can - because it's not like any other waffles. I have created the world's healthiest high protein waffles with ingredients chosen to provide you with the most healthbenefits. I believe that living healthy should not be seen as a restriction to life. I have a huge sweet tooth myself, I love chocolates and my grandmother's normal Norwegian waffles, but nutrition and living healthy is so important to me so I had to figure out a solution to this problem of mine I believe a lot of People can relate to. Food is suppose to be fun and enjoyable and by creating delicious VikingWaffles we can enjoy guiltfree everyday. It will be so easy to change Peoples eatinghabits - without you knowing, like Magic that makes you wonder are these really good for me?

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Oh well. I just dropped out of Pre Medicine in Norway to follow my passion and expand my startup business called "Proteinvafleriet" in Norway to really follow my passion and introduce my Viking Waffles to americans in New York. Now I'm selling to a healthshop in the heart of Manhattan; "Simply Natural" With increasing demand and have been hosting catering events for a real estate Company, been delivering to a gym and demoing. With a Kitchen facility and Health Department approval we are just now starting with exciting plans and offerings on the american market. Our Office is in Highline Residentials, 1150 6th avenue, 10036 NY

What inspires you?

What inspires me is that people might think Im crazy to drop out of Pre Medicine in Norway to sell protein waffles. But honestly I have never been more serious in my entire life when I say I will rather save people with this Magic and the world's healthiest protein waffles for people to enjoy! As a trainer and knowlegde within nutrition as it inspires me when People come up to me and say THIS concept is what they are waiting for and I believe this Company can do a lot of good and be a huge help and support for People today knowing that training is easy, it is the diet that is the hard part and that most People aspires to eat healthier. Combinding humans love for food with the increased Health conciousness I want to change Peoples perception of what healthy food taste. I Guess the original Viking has shipped in the Viking Waffles ready to start a Health revolution with waffles that goes straight to your muscles and don't sit around your waist like normal ones ;)

What makes your business stand out?

We are becoming the world's healthiest high protein bakery turning traditional pastries and sweets into guilt free high protein treats With Your Health in mind. We are offering the world's first high protein waffles uniquely made in Our Norwegian waffle irons, but the traditonal recipe is now made magically healthy, high protein, sugar free, gluten free, low GI and low fat. Like Magic this delicious fun flavored waffles in chocolate and Vanilla by using protein powders in the bakings there is never seen a baked Product With this protein amounts and without any bad substitutes either. This is not a "healthy halo" it is real nutrition and a clean protein snack that is missing on todays market. The value of the product lays in the premium ingredients put together and high protein Foods have never taste better...

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Follow your passion. It really does not matter what it is. But if you have found it, go for it! Nothing happens over night but I'm confident when you enjoy what you do and with workethics you will succeed, because when you are following your passion it does not really seem like work. Set small goals everyday, never stop dreaming and be commited and consistent. When you have found a core confidence and your talents, you can change the world, because everyone has a purpose! You just have to find Yours!

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made for me is a huge inspirational platform for me. Moving to America, New York and the city of dreams, Reading about all the artisanal, handcrafted goods from around this country, Im really facinated. As a Norwegian Food lover I have really moved to the right country and especially noticing the selection you have among exciting Foods - I'm in heaven. To me discovering the world and the amazing New trends, healthconsious foodproducts, raw foods, organic Foods, vegan offerings here , the American markets, Im actually living my dream and I truly feel like Im starting up a Health Food Company in the right country! (Don't tell Norwegians, but I don't miss it too much) Thinking about this amazing Food selection :)

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