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2014 Wildcard Finalist

Tom Andrews

Severna Park, Maryland
Designed & Handcrafted in the USA. Transforms your garden into an oasis. Add a splash of color to your garden with decorative garden sprinklers
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Tell us about your business.

One day, while working in my Mothers’ garden, I observed a lovely dragonfly which was glistening in the sun while perched upon a sprinkler head. That’s when it all came together! Why not take natural objects found in the garden and integrate sculptures of them into the sprinkler system? Thus, DecoRain was born. These whimsical creations would replace the strictly functional sprinkler head and serve the dual purpose of watering the garden while enhancing its’ beauty.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

I am handcrafting all blossoms in Severna Park, MD in my basement which is quite full of pink, orange and white blossoms. More blossoms with many color designs will be released in the near future. I have over 150 other sprinkler products which will come out as my business grows.

What inspires you?

My Mother brought her passion and beauty to our home gardens. She enjoyed being in the garden surrounded by natural beauty in both the flowers and wildlife. Creating decorative garden sprinklers for others to enjoy and enhance the beauty of their gardens brings me great joy in remembering my Mother.

What makes your business stand out?

Having twenty plus years in the irrigation industry, I have designed a new and unique decorative garden sprinkler. Blossoms are handcrafted in Maryland using high quality PVC/plastic, proven tested sprinkler nozzles, and blossom petals coated in a high gloss finish. My logo design is a big key in my business as are the beautiful decorative sprinklers that I design. There are so many more designs to come.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Don’t give up and keep plugging away one day at a time. Make sure your product works by testing it out many times. Listen and learn from everyone you meet. Think of people as pieces of coal; you never know which one will be the diamond in the rough. If it were easy everyone would do it!

What does American Made mean to you?

As a U.S .Army Veteran that proudly served my country, I believe all products should be made in the USA. . By bringing back the home grown mentality, this great country, the USA, can blossom once again.

Comments (1)

  • claireprovince 22 Sep, 2014

    Great article in the Capital Gazette ...,0,497859.story
    We love the pink flower in our front yard!! So very pretty.


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