Two Smart Cookies

American Made Since 2003

Dando/Hannan Families

Savannah, Georgia
Two Smart Cookies started as a dream and continues to grow by crafting cookies that taste as good as they cookie at a time.
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Tell us about your business.

Two Smart Cookies started as a dream and thanks to our customers and the wonderful community of Savannah, GA, word has spread across the country that cookies from Two Smart Cookies are the best! 2014 marks our 11th year as a family-owned gourmet bakery and retail shop. In our bakery, we make from scratch daily every cookie and delicious morsel that leaves our doors. Every cookie is hand rolled, hand cut and hand iced. In this work, we continue to feel very thankful that we can do our dream job every day. Two Smart Cookies can provide custom gift boxes, corporate solutions and cookies for nearly any event imaginable. We bake 12 types of cookies daily, along with our famous and whimsical iced cutouts. Our cookies have been featured in Southern Living, Country Living, Cooking with Paula Deen and many regional newspapers. We have been showcased on the Food Network as well as CNN's Headline News--Small Business Success.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

In 2008, we moved into a 4500 square foot modern bakery which is attached to a small retail store. The building has been designed to look like an old farmhouse, complete with a black and white checkered floor and a real glass cookie case. The wrap-around front porch is meant to remind visitors of old Southern homes, and the building is nestled among centuries-old live oak trees. Our bakery is separated into two main workspaces. The first is our baking area where our cookies are mixed and rolled by hand. As the racks of cookies are baked and cooled, they are moved to our second main workspace in the bakery. In the decorating space, our 'icers' sit together at long tables and decorate every single cookie by hand. Our customers love seeing our icers working together and chatting as they decorate their way through the hundreds of designs daily.

What inspires you?

Our cookie family inspires us. From our children and family who have folded boxes and worked at farmers markets, to our employees who spend as long as it takes to make a special occasion cookie order look perfect, to the many children who come into our store and stare through the glass cookie case to find their favorite cookie to the customers from far and wide who give us the opportunity to make a living doing something that seems like a hobby. It is the people who have made this dream happen who inspire us to keep making great cookies. Additionally, we gain creative inspiration from the optimistic people, the whimsical and eccentric people, from the happy people who stroll down the street daydreaming, from the givers who still take a minute to feed stray cats, from the families who take hours to decorate their homes for the holidays and, not to forget, Martha Stewart has inspired us for the past 19 years.

What makes your business stand out?

In the world of cookies, one can find many beautiful cookies, but rarely can find a beautiful cookie that actually tastes good. Our cookies TASTE as good as they look. Our famous iced cutouts have gotten lots of attention for being whimsical, colorful and unique. However, they have gained customer loyalty because they are delicious. Every single cookie is cut by hand, iced by hand and packaged one at a time. Most of our customers tell us that our cookies are the best they have ever tasted and we take great pride in filling the void in the marketplace of being the 'beautiful and delicious cookie.'

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Find a job that will pay the bills while you grow your business. Though this may not be ideal, it allows you to grow a business that you can visualize as opposed to growing a business created by short-sighted financial decisions.

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made is a movement of craftspeople who take great pride in creating things with passion and quality. As inspired by Martha Stewart, we spend our days finding ways to innovate new ways to present our cookies and we have a great time together growing our cookie movement.

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