CreekSide Tree Nursery

American Made Since 1993

Jason Von Eschen & Shannon Von Eschen

Boulder, Colorado
Beginning like a lemonade stand, CreekSide started as a young boy's American Dream. It's never stopped.
Design, Garden & Outdoor Living

Tell us about your business.

CreekSide was started by a 10 year old boy named Jason who wanted to earn enough money to skateboard. He sold perennials on the side of the road and managed to grow his business steadily year by year. As of 2014, CreekSide is one of only a handful of retail nurseries in Colorado, run by Jason and his wife of 11 years, Shannon. Though young, CreekSide is a curated and dominating force in an ever challenging industry. Their trees are of an unmatched quality as is their dedication to their craft. Jason and Shannon have built a unique brand and offer a tree shopping experience like non-other. Their story, dating more than half their lives, is worth hearing. And most people don't believe it. ;)

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

We have a lovely office/meeting space on the nursery grounds. Our trees are gorgeous, high-quality, and healthy. You can see the difference just walking our grounds. And our "true American dream" real-life love and life story makes us perfect for this nomination. (met at age 10, fell in love, married at age 19, and have run this business now for 11+ years together.) In addition to our nursery, we have opened up an etsy shop as a way to re-use and re-purpose our old or dead trees. Shannon's father is our wood curator and master creator! We make custom coaster sets, frames, and ornaments. We try to re-use what we can and it's been SO fun! We are honored even to get this opportunity!

What inspires you?

We are highly inspired by art and those professionals who have long mastered how to curate their craft!! Martha Steward, you are SUCH an inspiration. But we are inspired by nature, nature's colors, and loyalty and hard-work. What life's made of!

What makes your business stand out?

Our story, our love for our work, our quality standards, and our passion to keep moving forward.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Find what you love and do it! Never settle. Just do what you love. And life will take care of itself. Pursue everything you do with passion and never give up. Move forward always and keep your chin up.

What does American Made mean to you?

A dedication to your craft in the most amazing country! A life where the words "work" & "job" don't exist, but "dreams" and "goals" come up often.

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