Flying Bird Botanicals

American Made Since 2009

Scout Urling

Bellingham, Washington
Farm fresh organic locally grown herbs, garden direct organic fair-trade teas & single origin heirloom cacao create our tea & drinking chocolate.
Food, Dry Goods

Tell us about your business.

Flying Bird began with a love of people, planet, plants and healing. We are blessed to live in one of the most abundant communities in the world where our amazing local farmers provide us with fresh, high quality organically grown herbs for our teas. For those herbs and teas that don't grow locally, we have built relationships with tea gardens, organic farmers and small importers all over the world. Following our own unique and original recipes, we carefully tailor each blend to the flavor and origin of each herb, tea and spice. For our drinking chocolates, we compliment our single origin cacao with organic flowers, herbs and spices. We love seeing our teas on carefully curated store shelves and being served along side organic food and coffee. We are excited that as we grow more people will have access to the same amazing organic herbs, teas and chocolate we love so much. We strive to not only share a delicious cup, but to create something beautiful to be enjoyed on every level.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Our original well loved shop was built for us by my husband with locally milled wood and cedar siding, finished on the inside with non toxic paint and beautiful wood trim. While I still have office space there, we've moved production into a new eco-friendly building and finished the inside with new paint, wood trim and wooden doors to make it feel bright and cozy. Our neighbors are always stopping in to tell us how good it smells outside our door as they pass by. Inside the water is always on and our team of 6 amazing women share tea together and enjoy each others company. We hand mix teas and chocolates, pack orders and write emails all while rocking out to whatever gets us going that day. We love having fun with each other and believe laughing together is the best way to get through the crazy holiday rush or the inevitable (hopefully brief!) stressful times.

What inspires you?

We are inspired by the beautiful herbs, teas and spices that combine to create our delicious cups. We are inspired by the amazing artists that reflect the love we put into our teas back to us in the form of beautiful and thoughtful packaging. We are inspired by the wonderful organic farmers who cultivate our ingredients with love and care so deep you can feel it. We are inspired by knowing that as we grow, we expand our ability to support our farmers and our community. We are inspired to be able to keep an accent tradition of healing with plants alive. We are inspired by each other. We are inspired by the many other makers out there who are living their dream uncompromisingly and are doing what they love. We are inspired by our wonderful customers who share their stories with us. It's amazing how far a cup of tea goes.

What makes your business stand out?

Our passion and commitment to the quality of our delicious original blends as well as our commitment to community makes us unique. Every aspect of the creation of our products is carried out with thought, intention and beauty. From our whimsical artistic packaging, to our fresh radiant organic herbs and fair trade teas, with every delectable sip we hope each person who finds us will feel the love we pour into our goods.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Do what you love and love what you do! Don't be afraid to keep doing what you want to do even if there are others doing it too. Your people will find you and you will find your niche. Don't over look the details, they're what make you unique and make you who you are. When you get there, hire people you like to be around and who's company you truly enjoy. Your life will be a lot more fun and work space more productive that way.

What does American Made mean to you?

For us, American made means putting planet and people before profit. It's a commitment to our communities and a dedication to making our home a better place by doing what we love and creating good living wage jobs here. We use American grown herbs and support America's organic farmers. We use recycled steel tins made here in the USA. We pack our teas into biodegradable silken bags in Seattle, WA. We have our labels printed here backed on recycled unbleached paper and do all of our design work with our dear friend Carly here in Bellingham, WA. We strive to find ways to support our community every step of the way.

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