Electric Picks

American Made Since 2011

Mj Barton & Chantel Gia

New York City, New York
What's more American than rock and roll and following your dreams. I had a dream (literally) one night to put guitar picks in jewelry!
Style, Jewelry

Tell us about your business.

Electric Picks is modern jewelry with a rock n’ roll attitude, inspired by the freedom and glamour of rock music. It’s for the renegades, romantics and visionaries. Each bracelet is intricately crafted and one of a kind. An avid music lover, Mj Barton collected guitar picks from concerts for years- one night she had a dream to put all those guitar picks into bracelets. Soon friends & strangers started asking her to do the same for them- and Electric Picks was born. In 2013 Mj partnered with Chantel Gia. Business women, best friends, music-lovers, and designers Chantel & Mj each bring a unique style to the brand. The guitar picks are all either custom or vintage. Mj & Chantel love to scour vintage stores for inspiration. Using materials from their travels all around the world (Istanbul, Athens, Morocco, Paris, India etc) they mix gemstones, fine metals, and authentic guitar picks to create looks that aspire to be as timeless as music is. All handmade in New York City!

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Imagine a place where music reigns. The custom playlist changes every week and every day is motivated by riffs, inspiring lyrics, beats, and a melody. That's our office. We cover our walls with inspiration. There's pictures of Mick Jagger from the 70's and Brett Michael's doing a hair flip in the 80s. The background on our computers is the quote "It's all happening" from the movie Almost Famous- because it is all happening and we're following our dream and the music.

What inspires you?

Our jewelry is inspired by the freedom and glamour of rock n' roll. We're embracing the legendary style of rock music, and with our guitar pick bracelets everyone can be a rockstar. We're inspired by the backstage pass. All the pictures of the places we wanted to be. The tour bus, the groupies, behind the scenes; we love vintage images of the rock n roll lifestyle. We use those images to take something classic and recreate it for our customers.

What makes your business stand out?

Electric Pick bracelets are conversation pieces. They're rock n roll for your wrist, you wear the music. Our pieces bring people together and open up conversations between strangers. Two customers sent us an email after a trip they took to South America. They were the only Americans in a crowded island bar, and they were both wearing Electric Picks bracelets. They started talking about music, and ended up hanging out for the next 4 days of their trip. The pick bought them together and music is a universal language we all speak.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Our best advice is to just start. It's simple but true. It's the 1st step that's the hardest. Once you get beyond the thoughts that it might not work and the naysayers telling you you can't, that's where the magic starts happening. Once the magic starts, no one can stop it.

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made to us means taking pride and backing up every single piece we create. Electric Picks set out to produce jewelry unlike anything else in the market. Each pieces is designed 1st by Mj & Chantel and then handmade in New York City. We aim to create pieces that grab consumer attention and affirm the luxury status of the product, essentially beautiful conversation pieces. We work with the most talented metal smiths, designers and production teams. Working with other craftsman in New York City allows us to support American jobs and closely oversee the production of our pieces from start to finish. We have the highest standards of quality control. We guarantee all of our products and will repair any pieces at any length of time after purchase (who else does that!).

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