Future Glory Co.

American Made Since 2013
2014 Style Finalist

Theresa Lee & Jennie Chen

San Francisco, California
Handcrafted leather handbags and accessories made with love in San Francisco. In business to do good.
Style, Accessories

Tell us about your business.

Future Glory designs women’s handbags and accessories. Our interest is not only to make quality handbags but to be in business to do good and to create with purpose. We donate a portion of our profits to local organizations that support the fight against human trafficking. It all started when we went to Coachella in the Spring of 2013. The atmosphere was idyllic and we got to daydreaming about what we would do if we could create something of our own. The idea of designing bags 'for women by women' stood out as a front-runner. Both of us coming from entrepreneurial backgrounds, we dove right in and six months later, we launched our first product.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Our studio is located in the historic Dogpatch District of San Francisco. The Dogpatch was historically an industrial part of town and currently has a thriving creative community.

What inspires you?

We are inspired by our beloved city of San Francisco. In a city where many facets of culture, technology, creativity and nature collide, we design our products to encompass these very elements. We believe fashion and technology should be integrated as one seamless design. For example, our City Envelope Clutch doubles as an iPad sleeve and a minimalist clutch. Our Presidio Tote was designed to be a fashionable, comfortable carryall but also has a divider that fits a laptop.

What makes your business stand out?

We named our company Future Glory because we believe in a better tomorrow, particularly for those that have been victims of human trafficking crimes. We are committed to supporting local organizations that are dedicated to restoring the lives of human-trafficked victims. Our long term goal is to set up a studio where we can train and provide jobs to survivors. We root for the underdog because we are the underdog. Future Glory’s products are designed by women for women. We are also a minority-owned business.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Grit is what makes someone successful -- not your education, background or financial status. Keep persevering and keep putting yourself out there because your determination will take you far. Also, done is better than perfect, so stop sitting on your project and just get it done!

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made is creating with pride. It's something you can put your own mark on. American Made is full of spirit. American Made products are created with passion, sweat and perhaps even a few tears. We strongly believe in the American Made movement, which is why we make everything locally. This may not be the fastest, biggest or cheapest way to make products, but there's no greater feeling of accomplishment than when you've created something right in your own backyard with your own two hands.

Comments (1)

  • Bdayoct4 2 Aug, 2014

    Form, function, and forward-movement against human trafficking. This is a product with purpose, and I'm proud to own a bag knowing that these women are passionate about their work (it shows in the details and style) as well as giving back to empower survivors of human trafficking.


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