danny macaroons, inc.

American Made Since 2010
2014 Food Finalist

dan cohen

new york, New York
we think we make super delicious coconut macaroons and we hope you agree.
Food, Sweets & Baked Goods

Tell us about your business.

danny made macaroons for family. family encouraged danny to sell macaroons. danny thought this was silly. until people started buying the macaroons. and giving them to loved ones as gifts. and raving about them. and now, 4 years later, he's still making macaroons. although not by himself anymore. now there are macaroon bakers, hotels, grocers, and restaurants that stock the macaroons on the regular, and appearances beyond just new york city. it's a work in progress, an experiment in what happens when you try your hardest to make the tastiest coconut treats you possibly can. and one day, maybe these macaroons will be the ones everyone thinks of when they think of macaroons. but if not, at least whoever thinks of these macaroons will smile.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

we bake in a lovely kitchen in new york's spanish harlem. everything is made by hand - the macaroons are formed by hand in small batches, the caramel is made in torturingly small batches and applied with great care, the almonds are roasted in house and chopped hand to just the right size. this is not because we don't like machines, we do, very much so, but we're afraid of them. kidding, machines, kidding. don't hurt us. it's just that we like things just so. and you can only make things just so if you do it by hand.

What inspires you?

other entrepreneurs. people hustling. chinatown. brian eno. bands grinding it out. a good espresso. a well balanced turkey blt. kindness.

What makes your business stand out?

we have a singular focus, to make the best macaroons you've ever had, and we're passionate about achieving that result. we're innovative and we care a lot. but lots of people care a lot. and lots of people innovate. and lots of people are passionate. so, what then? well, NOT a lot of cookie companies make tshirts with flaming skeletons on them. or mareki nekko cats on them. or respond to emails so quickly. or go quite so far out of their way to make sure that your experience of dealing with the company, not just eating its product, but dealing with the company from start to finish is excellent. lots of people can make cookies. but not that many can make cookies AND make you feel good even when you're not eating cookies.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

(1) find out if anyone will pay for your product or service (2) sell it as soon as you can (3) refine it as you go along (4) always say thank you (5) give some of it away (6) ask if you can help (7) pay attention

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made, to me, means that something sits at the peculiar intersection of culture, race, religion, economics, gender, industry, and sentimentality that's purely american. there's an inherent diversity to america, and American Made celebrates the creations that spring forth from the tension, inspiration, and dynamism that the country's diversity invites. no other country presents its citizens with such a broad canvas to draw upon and American Made is the result.

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