Sweet-Seed Micro-batch Wild Bird Feed

American Made Since 2012

Mike Cerio & Josh Stasik & Justin Estlinbaum

Auburn, New York
What do wild birds crave? We have created our entire line of Sweet-Seed micro batch wild bird feeding products around this one simple question.
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Tell us about your business.

What the heck is “Micro-batch” wild bird feed? Highest Quality: Our process affords us total flexibility to search out the BEST suppliers at any given time. Most seed companies look like a giant agricultural factory, with seed sitting stagnant in silos for who knows how long. We buy only what we need straight from the source, allowing us to provide you with the freshest possible product. Unique Blends: If we want to test a new blend containing 5-fruits as soon as tomorrow, we can do it. If this new blend causes a frenzy at the feeders and we decide to roll out a micro batch to you next week, we can do that too. Large-scale feed companies who are also concerned with their line of lawn fertilizers are just not set up to operate in this fashion. Irresistible: We won’t quit until we get it exactly right! This means that we will read every single suggestion that you email us, we will tirelessly test blends, and will be committed to the overall wellbeing of the wild bird population.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Sweet-Seed was started, like many start-ups, in our garage and home kitchen. It has expanded into our current 5000 square-foot production facility in upstate New York, where we are proud to create our crazy concoctions of ultra premium wild bird feeds, seed, nectars, suets and treats.

What inspires you?

Seeing an idea through to its completion. There is nothing as rewarding as having a spark of an idea, making mistakes, doing it better tomorrow, and finally seeing your product on store shelves across North America.

What makes your business stand out?

Our mission has always been to take the wild bird feeding industry and flip it on its head. Bird feed has historically been about moving agricultural byproduct into the marketplace. We decided to begin our product development cycle with asking ourselves what wild birds actually seek-out or "crave" in nature. From there we set out to source those products from partners spanning the United States.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Do something even if it's wrong. This was advice given to me years ago that I hadn't found the real value in until starting Sweet-Seed. At its core it means to not wait for the "perfect" idea (if such a thing exists). Instead, go with your gut, start, make mistakes, do better tomorrow, and get yourself moving forward. A magical thing happens when you start first and figure everything else out on the way, you learn answers to questions you would never had asked if you tried to figure it all out before beginning.

What does American Made mean to you?

The founders of Sweet-Seed were all kids during the 1980's when a real effort was being made to keep manufacturing here is the U.S. "Made in the USA" has always summed up what makes our country synonymous with innovation. The idea that a simple gut feeling that something can be done better can actually become a thriving business is America at its very best.

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