Sucre Shop

American Made Since 2011
2014 Crafts Finalist

Brooke Pratt

St. Louis, Missouri
Sucre Shop designs and creates party and gift-ware with an eco-friendly edge. All designs and most manufacturing is done in our St. Louis studio.
Crafts, Celebrations

Tell us about your business.

I first printed on wooden utensils as a DIY for my craft blog. My kids were 1 and 3, and I was staying at home with them. During their naps I was reading a lot of craft and design blogs, and writing for my own blog, Sucre & Spice (which is basically defunct now). It was nothing fancy! The photos weren't great and the blog design itself was pretty basic. But I still think my projects on there are really stellar. No one really read it, but still I was getting linked to from Martha Stewart Weddings and other blogs I followed. Somehow as soon as I started printing on utensils and selling them on Etsy, the photos spread like wildfire. Within a few months my products started showing up on great design blogs, I got requests from magazines I read, and stores I loved that wanted to wholesale them. It got crazy pretty quickly, and things progressed really organically. I needed help and space, so I got those things, and Sucre Shop has grown quickly but in manageable stages.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Sucre Shop is located in a studio in Valley, Park, MO. We have great open, creative space with enough room to house boxes of supplies and a comfy area to lounge in when we have staff meetings.

What inspires you?

I take inspiration wherever I can get it. Family. Music. Travel. Pinterest. Silence. I'm not picky. My mind is open to looking for inspiration, so I find it often.

What makes your business stand out?

From the time I made my first stamped ice cream spoons, I've been able to design for myself, for Sucre Shop. I truly know what our aesthetic is. All of our designs are original. I take pride in knowing that. I think we stand out because I am willing to take the leap for Sucre Shop, to imagine new things, like new products and new collaborations. I want this company to be wildly successful, but I will not trade our handmade products for something machine made, even if that means we have production limitations. The craftsmanship of our items is unmatched, and I could never be certain of that if we were not creating things ourselves.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Be kind (and forgiving) to yourself and those around you! There is so much pressure to be creative and innovative and have followers and get likes, and that can all make you crazy. Take a break and recharge, when you need to. Keep your head down and work hard, and be true to yourself and you'll be just fine. Make sure your commitments are worth your time. Everyone has a limited amount of time, it's important to be smart about how you use it. And don't worry too much about ups and downs, every person and business goes through them. Just keep working hard and working smart. Get involved in your community. Whether it's a local community or an online community, the support you'll receive and inspiration you'll get out of it will make it worth your time.

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made is a fantastic movement because it credits the true innovators and makers in this country. Unfortunately many of those makers, myself included, know how quickly capitalizing markets become aware of the new original ideas coming from the makers in this Country. American made maintains that the time and dedication, and skill and craft put into products made here, made by hand, will be supported.

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