Okie Suds and Signs

American Made Since 2013

Autumn Morehouse

Boswell, Oklahoma
Okie Suds and Signs uses reclaimed wood to create amazing painted and hand burnt signs. Our soaps are made with eco-friendly ingredients.
Crafts, Recycled, Upcycled, & Vintage Crafts

Tell us about your business.

Located on a 460 acre cattle ranch in Boswell, Oklahoma, Okie Suds and Signs is owned and operated by Autumn Morehouse. She creates handmade soaps the cold process method and butter sticks that remain 100% biodegradable, cruelty free, vegan and eco-friendly. Her Signs are created with reclaimed wood and hand painted or hand burnt. Each piece could take up to four hours. She also create shelves, boot racks, and custom pieces to suit your inner country self. Autumn's business is woman owned and Made in Oklahoma. When she is not creating soaps and signs, Autumn works alongside her husband operating their cattle ranch with their two children, seven horses, five dogs, six chickens, and one cat.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

My wood workshop is our well house where the wood is cut using a sawzall and miter saw, sanded, and put together using screws and wire. Then the signs are taken indoors where they are hand painted or burnt. Our soaps are created in our kitchen using the cold process method. Our soap is created using lye, which is how they made soap back in the old days.

What inspires you?

Nature. Once when checking fence line, I came across a two day old fawn and it's mother. The baby had it's back legs caught in a fence line. When I touched it's spotted fur, it was soft and as I lifted it to free it's legs, it called out to it's mother. A sound similar to a calf calling to it's mother. It was the first time that I heard the cry of a wild fawn. I was very blessed to have shared that moment with my children and I painted several silhouettes of deer shortly after that incident. I am inspired by the beauty in a sunset and the desire to communicate that color to those that see my work. I am inspired by the beauty of the starry night and many of my pieces show actual constellation bursts. I am inspired by the scent of lavender and the need to produce a product with similar scent. I am inspired by ingredients from the earth such as pink sea salt from the Himalayas. That is why you can find those amazing ingredients within my soaps and butter sticks.

What makes your business stand out?

Okie Suds stands out because the ingredients are made using sustainable oils, quality ingredients, and keep the tradition of creating a soap using the cold process method. We use amazing colors and techniques that make each soap truly a piece of art. We have butter sticks which are a solid form of a lotion that melts with your body heat. The amazing ingredients are gentle enough to use during infant massage. Okie Signs uses reclaimed wood that would otherwise have ended up being burnt or thrown in a landfill. We breathe life into each piece that is unique as a fingerprint. Each wood piece has a story all on its own and it's not my job to mask that story, but enhance it. I love the texture created by the split wood and old knots. Our hand burnt and painted signs take a considerable amount of time to create since I free hand my work. These are some of the qualities that make my pieces stand out.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Create and invest time into your passions! When things get tough, buckle down and work slow and steady. That time will shape your character without burning your candle at both ends.

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made means keeping a tradition alive that dates back to the 1786 when we became a nation. Our nation was built on honesty, hard work, and perseverance of the American Spirit. That is why when we work cattle we try to drag the calves to the fire, like in the old west. We have a traditional covered wagon meal made in cast iron pots. We want to show our children and one day our grandchildren that nothing is earned without true character and getting dust on our boots. Those that work hard in our county using honest work ethics and aren't afraid of putting a lot of time into something they are passionate about is what American Made truly means.

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