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American Made Since 2010

Peterpan Newyorkland

Long Island City, New York
Something major is brewing in the world of tea – the Magnificent TipCup – where perfect tea comes one cup at a time..every time.
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Tell us about your business.

TipCup aims to bring new methods and Nordic designs to the world of tea. The company’s mission is to introduce a new exciting element into the long history of tea drinking. The company seeks to serve as a pillar for young artists and industrial designers to develop new designs and further the company’s vision of creating works of art that act as vessels to wellness, enjoyment and art. The team stands by the mission of creating Forms For Function. Our goal is to also work closely with the HORACE sector to introduce a service concept and accessories in order to enrich the lives of tea enthusiast and wellness minded beverage connoisseurs. Company aim is in designing - A Different Tea Drinking Experience and rolling out semi annual limited editions and special occasions, cup design, patterns, colors, themes. Company also aims to educate people on the health and holistic benefits of tea, and the TipCup Tea Teen scouts are studying teas and testing tea bars around the world .

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

We started our designs and craftsmanship in Helsinki Finland and prototypes in Asia. We always knew that American Made stands for quality, strength, patriotism, and jobs! Mindful also of the non eco friendly and labor violations abroad, we felt our designs are best made in USA where we can bring back jobs and also take pride in the work. We started working with Chris Lyon of Mudshark studios which was the 2012 MS American Made honorees. We continue to work with while developing our studios and facilities in the Astoria section of NYC. We are proud to be adjacent to the Kaufman Astoria Studios, the LICArts, Queens Art Council and the vibrand LIC manufacturing buildup soon to be called Kaufman Arts District. We are a majority owned woman company which continue to integrate with the various universities such as Parsons School of Design, to help young female and male students achieve potential and think American Made. We strive to be pillars to them and bring ideas to life.

What inspires you?

TipCup®, where simplicity, creativity, functionality and style meet. A fusion of the ancient Eastern mystical art of tea brewing & drinking, combined with the modern, efficient, simplistic Nordic style. Clean line and form for functional tea drinking. Too simple to be true for the complex, elegant, delicate process of drinking tea — an elegant ritual which Tipcup fluidly bridges with sleek functional designs. The core vision of the company is to bridge functionality, art and wellness. TipCup strives to capture the sleek, clean, and Nordic beauty of its design concepts. The company strives to develop a European ritual of tea drinking to complement the existing English tea ceremony and the Chinese traditional tea drinking. The inventor’s vision is to inspire a Eurasian infusion with this concept and its partners by introducing a series of cups that will enhance the taste, aroma, and visual aesthetics – while focusing on the actual tea experience.

What makes your business stand out?

We have a modern design riff on the ancient art of tea - and the first real innovation in tea cup design in over 1,000 year "Good design is functionality and style in proportional balance. It has all that is needed, and nothing extra. Certain objects will become classics over time and others are born legends" Innovation is often a by product of encountering problems. Design is a form of problem solving. With this philosophy, TipCup is the unique idea of an artist on how to enjoy a new way of drinking tea – alone or in the company of friends, family and colleagues. A new way of enjoying tea! TipCup's Nordic functional design eliminates disposable teabags and bridges functionality with art, wellness and style. Our mission is to bring new excitement to the long history of tea drinking, and to be a magnet for young artists and designers to further our vision of creating works of art that act as vessels for the enjoyment of tea. Form for Function™ Making the Ordinary Extraordinary! ™

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

To stay true to your core values. Persistence. Perseverance. Maintain focus. Inspire others and draw energy, inspiration and lessons from yourself and from those around you - the good and the bad. Believe in yourself. Enjoy what you are doing...and WHEN you do succeed , give back to others and to the community. We highly recommend building a right network, being transparency, honesty, and loyalty are healthy attributes. One should seek out counsel, advice, and learn from the mistakes. Paramount is to set a goal, commit and hold the following motto close to the heart...."it is not how many time one falls that is how many times one picks themselves up.

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made means superior craftsmanship. Means quality. Means a freedom of import duties, dependability, counterfeiting. It is more eco friendly as product does not have to be entail huge fuel costs and heavy carbon footprints due to long distance importing. As proud Americans and with an economics mindset Jobs at home also means independence from foreign contraints and a healthier proud internal market and economy.

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