RSmith DesignsStudio

American Made Since 2013

Ragne Smith

Euless , Texas
American dream in making. RSmith Design offers custom made bedroom furniture and coverings, specializing in headboards.
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Tell us about your business.

RSmith Design is a great example of the American Dream and living it. Ragne was looking for her spot in the Wester World, Unfortunately, the attempts to find it were knocked down by life. After 5 years of different unexpected events (including being homeless-hungry), she finally found her inspiration. While in the children’s hospital with her daughter Ruby (due to her being born with a rare heart condition), she realized there is no better place than your home, specifically your bedroom. The safe haven and a personal place where you feel your best and no worry will follow you. Where you rest from the day’s work and your best ideas come. That moment, sitting on that very uncomfortable hospital room couch, she knew where she could utilize her creativity and eye for design. She would design wonderful things with a personal touch in order to offer other people that feeling of safety and warmth that she was craving to return to when leaving that dreadful hospital room.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

RSmith DesignsStudio is located in Euless, TX. Some call it a studio, some a work place, we call it home. We have decided to run RSmith DesignsStudio from home to have the ability to take care of little Ruby while still being able to put in 100% to the business. Working from home, gives RSD the ability to work on something special at 4 a.m, reply to requests promptly even late at night or early at dawn. Out garage serves the purpose of a woodwork shop, our dining room is the area for upholstery, our house is a place for storage, strategically located toys to step on and unlimited amount of love. Working from home adds something special to every piece made here, it adds the personal side of it. Made item wasn't produced for the masses, it was made for somebody very special, with love.

What inspires you?

The Dream, Ruby Mae and the feeling of home. The dream that everybody could have a peaceful place to rest from the worries of the world, forget their problems and dream, is it in sleep or just daydreaming. Ruby Mae, our daughter, who deserves the best in this world. Without whom this would never have come to light. After being homeless, sleeping on somebody's living room couch, on the floor, in the car...There is no better place than your home, the safe haven is the bedroom. I wish that everybody could have that place. (Unfortunately, so many cannot)

What makes your business stand out?

The personal aspect of every item created. The love, dedication and attention to detail. The shapes of what the headboards are created in, even the most "outrageous" shapes. The ability to look and find the perfect fabric for the client.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

-You have to spend money, to make money. So paying yourself a CEO salary is not an option in the beginning. -Ask for help and research, research, research. -Know the law, it protects you. -Think all your ideas are great, noup! Have somebody you know and trust tell you honestly how silly some of your ideas are. -Right tools make the work much easier. -When starting a new company, don't forget about yourself. Working non-stop will result in a burnout. -Don't trust anybody, it's business! The one with more money will make your Million dollar idea work, for them. Work hard, patent, trademark, copyright your work. -Build a brand, not a product. -Enjoy what you are doing, it's not worth it if you don't. It is not the end result that matters, it's the journey.

What does American Made mean to you?

Even though Ragne is not American citizen, her husband and daughter are. It doesn't matter what your nationality is, your home is where your heart is. Mine is in America. American made= Strong and Proud. American made means jobs, meals, happy smiles. American Made is more than money, more than a location. American Made is an honor, and a privilege.

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