Zoe Organics

American Made Since 2010

Heather Hamilton

Hidden Valley Lake, California
Zoe Organics handcrafts clean, effective, functional and beautiful organic skin, home and lifestyle products for conscious families.
Style, Beauty

Tell us about your business.

Zoe Organics began out of the founder's home kitchen in 2010. We had a simple website and our first gig was the St. Helena Farmer's Market in the gorgeous Napa Valley. We launched in May of 2010 with a small collection of organic baby essentials and 6 months later, introduced our organic pregnancy essentials, which coincided with our founder's 3rd pregnancy. We have continued to add products that serve needs and solve problems for growing families, such as 100% organic Insect Repellent, Breathe Balm, Aromatherapy for tired, stressed mamas (Mama's Ritual) and coming this summer, our Insect Repellent Candles. We will continue to add products to the line as our own family grows and discovers new products that would make our lives better.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

We operate out of a 2000+ sq ft warehouse in the gorgeous countryside of south Lake County, California. We are in wine county, approximately 30 minutes from Calistoga (Napa Valley). Our team is small, but full of passion for what we do and the families we serve.

What inspires you?

Motherhood inspires me. Becoming a parent changes your priorities and the way you live life. I am inspired to create things that are safe, effective and functional for my family. I am also inspired by creating beautiful rituals that help mamas take better care of themselves. Through Zoe Organics I get to connect with so many moms - and we support one another. What could be more inspiring than that?

What makes your business stand out?

Zoe Organics has managed to create the whole package. Our perfectly clean, effective formulas are packaged in beautiful, functional containers with modern, chic designed labels. Our branding is unique in that it appeals to style-conscious family and the products are delightful to give and receive. We have a special niche: mom + baby and we have earned the trust of parents around the world. We have selectively partnered with high-end spas, boutiques and natural health stores and our products share shelf space with some of the most luxurious, cult-favorites in the indie beauty space.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

1. Starting a business, is starting a process. There is no quick way to success or elevator that takes you straight to the top. 2. Sweat, tears and a love/hate relationship with your business are the realities of the journey. 3. Don't compare with others. Find your niche and what is unique about your business and keep your focus. 4. Don't take yourself too seriously. It's a learning curve and failure is part of it.

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made means rolling up our sleeves and getting dirty (or in our case oily)! I means taking special care of all the little details that speak of the quality of your product. It means quality over quantity, effective over mediocre. It means we don't mass produce, but we are a small team with big heart that stand behind what we create. It means you can trust that we don't test on animals and that we follow GMP and can be reached via a variety of outlets from phone, to email to social media. It means we really do care about our customers and we can relate because we are real people, with real families.

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