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Lisa Brambilla

Yorba Linda, California
BioUrn™ is a handmade, biodegradable pet urn that holds cremated remains and a tree seed. Once buried, BioUrn™ grows a memorial tree. Be a Tree
Style, Pet Style

Tell us about your business.

My story is about a 55 year old wife, mom, pet-lover & cancer survivor, who left a successful corporate career & set out to change the way we say “good bye” to our loved ones with a seed & a little cloth basket. My name is Lisa, & my product is called “BioUrn™”. As a devoted pet lover, my house is always filled with dogs, and as every pet lover knows, the hardest part of loving a pet is saying "good bye". After the recent loss of a pet, I came home from my vet’s office with another urn only to realize that I had no room left on my mantle. It was at that moment that I was motivated to create a solution to this dilemma. This solution should be green, affordable & eco-friendly, while providing a thoughtful & respectful way to "close the circle" with a loving tribute to my beloved companions. I created BioUrn™ and started my company, My Eternal Family Tree LLC . BioUrn™ is a biodegradable, cotton urn that holds the entirety of a pet’s cremated remains, and grows a memorial tree.

Tell us about your workspace, shop, or studio.

Before being offered on our website, all BioUrn trees and flowering shrubs are test grown in our home greenhouse. Product development / fulfillment are currently done from my home. With growth, the plan for the My Eternal Family Tree fulfillment center is already in place. BioUrn fulfillment will be moved to a 2,500 sq. ft. office space, adjacent to my associate's marketing / printing business. Staffing will be facilitated through an ISP offered by the California Dept. of Rehabilitation. This program offers a cost-effective resource to efficiently and effectively provide a staff of employees with disabilities, bringing a new dynamic of diversity to the workforce. Through this program, we will employ those who have the desire and ability to work. BioUrn™ fulfillment is very basic, with limited variables, keeping it simplistic & manageable for any employee. The My Eternal Family Tree organization believes that everyone who wants to work, should be offered the opportunity. WIN-WIN

What inspires you?

As an Entrepreneur, I’m always inspired by the need for a better way to do things. As a pet lover, I am inspired by the human animal bond. I realized a need, and set out to create a loving way for pet parents to memorialize their beloved companions with a living tribute to their special bond. BioUrn™ creates a "Circle-of-Life" experience during a time when most pet parents are overcome with grief due to the loss of their pet. My mentor is Dr. Jack Stephens with whom I worked for many years. Dr. Stephens is a highly respected Veterinarian, who told me: "If you are going to create a product for pets, make it one that helps the veterinarian & their staff, one that makes a difficult aspect of their job, just a little easier." I can't think of a more difficult task for a veterinary professional than discussing end of life choices with a pet parent. The introduction of an urn that holds their pet's ashes & grows a memorial tree helps to refocus from sadness & loss to circle of life.

What makes your business stand out?

My Eternal Family Tree supports our K9 heroes in Law Enforcement & US Military by offering a complimentary BioUrn™ to a Law Enforcement or US Military K9, lost in the line of duty. Their BioUrn™ memorial tree will pay tribute to their ultimate sacrifice. Our strategic relationships with Pets Best Insurance, Dogs on Deployment, Vested Interest in K-9, Veterinarians & pet hospice service providers, allows us to offer BioUrn™ as a trusted choice to pet parents across the USA. Recently introduced at the Western Veterinary Conference, BioUrn™ was embraced by veterinarians, heralded as a welcome solution to an old problem. Originally conceived as a pet product, BioUrn™ has also captured the attention of the human funeral industry. Considering the lack of available real estate, & the harmful effect that caustic embalming chemicals have on the soil as they seep into the ground following a traditional burial, today's savvy earth- conscious consumers are looking for a green burial option.

What advice would you give an aspiring creative entrepreneur?

Move slowly, take time to consider every aspect of product development and always keep the end user in mind. There is no "finish line" so there's no hurry when you are creating a product or business. Making money will happen when the job is well done, and done well, so design with integrity and confidence. Leverage social media, as it is your most effective (least costly) method of promoting a new product, and attracting attention to your product during its' development. Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, facebook, Linkedin and industry blogs will all share your pictures and info if you keep your posts fresh and interesting. Networking is also key, as there is NOTHING more valuable than a well connected friend of a friend. Always carry business cards, brochures and if possible samples with you. Above all, cover yourself legally: copyright, trademark and patent your ideas before sharing them!

What does American Made mean to you?

American Made means pride; Pride in our country, pride in the construction and design of our product, and the quality of products we offer. My Eternal Family Tree LLC is registered with the Veteran Owned Business Directory, BioUrn™ is handmade in the USA. American Made means you are buying / selling a product that supports the American workers, and our US economy.

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