Jacobsen Salt Co.

American Made Since 2011

Ben Jacobsen

Tillamook, Oregon
Jacobsen Salt Co. harvests pure salt crystals straight from Oregon’s cold waters using traditional methods.

Tell us about your business.

People have harvested salt from the oceans nearly as long as we’ve walked the earth. Upon returning to the States from living in Scandinavia for over four years, founder Ben Jacobsen came home with a vision to create the first great American finishing salt. He watched the culinary, farm to fork movement blossom in Oregon. The bounty of the region was presenting itself around every corner, in kitchens, at farmer’s markets, and especially in restaurants. You could get your hands on heirloom varietals of produce and heritage meat, olive oil and some of the best pinot noir in the world- all being made within an hour of city limits. Salt, however, was nowhere to be found. After retracing the path of Lewis and Clark, toting home ocean water to make batches of salt at his kitchen stove, Ben settled in on the perfect source: Netarts Bay and the pristine waters of the Oregon coastline. His backyard.

What makes your business stand out?

We believe in community and relationships. Community, on a larger scale, because without the support and creativity of the food community that surrounds us, we wouldn’t be where we are today as a company. Whether it is a chef referencing our salt in a line on the menu or taking it with them when they travel, a local publication spreading the word about our story in the early days, or the local grocery chain picking our product out at a vendor fair and placing an order before the company even existed- it all allowed us to grow as we did. We are reminded of this support each time we see someone walking down the street or in the back of the house at a restaurant sporting a Jacobsen Co. hat. Everyone plays an integral role. In many ways the guiding force in Portland right now is: success for one is success for all, everyone is cheering one another on. It’s very symbiotic.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Focus on the one thing you are doing and do it really well.

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