Beltane Pottery and Art Studio

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Cathryn Hunt

Galway, New York
Specializing in wheel thrown and hand painted Dutch Delft blue and white pottery. Tankards, plates, bowls, platters, punch bowls and more.
New York

Tell us about your business.

My journey towards becoming a Dutch delft inspired potter began as a historical re-enactors in Upstate New York. I was already on my way to being a potter when I realized there was a niche that had quite a bit of demand but not a lot of potters creating this style of work. I had studied ceramics through a community program offered at night at a local college off and on for 9 years when they finally closed the program. At that point I knew if I was to continue with this genre of Art that I truly loved I was going to have to make my own studio and to afford that atudio it was going to have to be a business. So with that years tax return I bought my potters wheel, next year I got business cards and a local Business Bureau membership. So far I have been renting the use of a kiln from a generous fellow potter. My goal for the business this year is to purchase and install my own kiln and increase my commissioned pieces for this year.

What makes your business stand out?

I have taken orders for close replica's of historical 18th Century pieces, most of my work is only inspired by the Historical Dutch motifs and I work to combine the designs together in my own way. For most of my customers they appreciate that I stay true to the time period of 1780's or before, so research is also a large part of my production as well as the hands on throwing and painting of the piece.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Keep it simple.

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