American Made Since 2011

Logan Hendrickson

Henderson , Nevada
Original lighting and furniture, individually handcrafted by a husband and wife team.

Tell us about your business.

Onefortythree started when my wife and I finished a house we purchased half-built, our address number is '143'. After we moved in we designed and built lighting fixtures and furniture for ourselves. We then made a few pieces for friends and family and have since starting selling them online. My dad taught me how to build cabinets and got me into woodworking when I was very young, the rest of my skills are self-taught by trial and error. Everything we sell is made one at a time by my wife and I in our small shop in Las Vegas. We are constantly coming up with new designs an changing old ones so we've built up a fairly large inventory on our online shop. We ship our pieces all over the world and that "weight and size limitation" is reflected in our designs. The necessity of having to be able to ship things across the country makes a unique structural design of 'light and portable' yet 'strong and well-built'.

What makes your business stand out?

Because we design and build everything ourselves, we have total control over quality and are able to price things very affordably. We wanted to make things that were unique, but that the average person could still afford to buy. I think our pieces are unique because they are designed and built at the same time and out of necessity. Rather than sketched out and designed ahead of time, they are designed as we build them in the shop, so function always comes first.

What's the best business advice you've received?

"Work hard and stay humble."

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