Paper Arboretum by Crute Studio

American Made Since 2011

Jerolyn Crute Sackman

Los Angeles, California
I make 3D paper floral sculptures using images of real leaves and petals.

Tell us about your business.

The birth of Paper Arboretum would have never been launched if my back had not gone out one fated day while reaching for the mail on the floor. My injury gave me a cocoon of time to develop the process further and learn how much I enjoyed making my paper floral sculptures. My paper floral sculptures began with creating symbols created for a mixed media painting, which translated into placing the symbols on "petals" that formed a wreath, which in turn inspired the possibilities of rotating patterns using natural patterns found on plants. On walks in my neighborhood or other places I find leaves and petals. I take them home, scan them and turn them into artistic images that get printed on paper. The images are then cut and curved into 3D shapes which are then glued to form wreaths or floral arrangements. Sometimes I use stock photos. I also use handmade papers as well. I would love for Paper Arboretum to grow to have a steady following of collectors and commissions.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best advice I've gotten is to be persistent and patient as a business needs to develop over time.

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