Flutterbye Prints

American Made Since 2009

Amie Jones

Salt Lake City, Utah
Flutterbye Prints creates customized prints and stationery – the most unique being one-of-a-kind artwork featuring a couple's own fingerprints.

Tell us about your business.

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah I grew up with stories of courageous and hardworking people making their way West to forge their own paths, despite the multitude of risks they faced. I know these tales have contributed to my own entrepreneurial spirit and eagerness to explore my ideas and creativity. I've always loved creating things, and especially designing. I took a break from freelance graphic design for a couple years after my first child was born. But six months after my second, I was aching to design again and Etsy opened a large realm of possibilities. I rely heavily on colors to inspire my work. I love bold, bright colors and finding the perfect color combination. I also love creating personalized prints, it feels like a new design each time. I'm constantly thinking of new ways to use fingerprints, some new prints I'm going to release soon focus on the texture of the fingerprints. I can't to evolve my designs to new heights.

What makes your business stand out?

The works I create are intensely focused on offering products that are unique and personal. Whether the item is intended to be given as a gift, or cherished by the buyer, I want the recipient to be excited to share and display their artwork. I love collaborating with my customers on their product; each piece is an integration of my ideas with their preferences on color, size, and especially, one of the most personal contributions, a fingerprint. The premium papers I use and fine-tuned attention to detail display a level of quality that is unique to handmade, custom artwork. My fingerprint posters combine digital tools with artisan aesthetics and refine the craft of melding a tangible, physical thing with the ethereal essence of art. So much is conveyed by combining two individual's fingerprints!

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best advice I've received is to avoid thinking too much without action. It's easy to think yourself right out of something, when you should just jump in and get the idea going. It may not end up being the idea you started with, and you might just scrap the whole thing in the end. The thinking gets you started, but the doing is what leads to your final goal.

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