The Good Flock

American Made Since 2010

Marco Murillo

Portland, Oregon
The products we make can be buried in your backyard.They're made of wholesome things that won't hurt the earth,trees or worms,even the mean ones.

Tell us about your business.

The products we make can be buried in your backyard. They're made of wholesome things that won't hurt the earth or trees or worms, even the mean ones. We believe that real craftspeople (artists who use their own hands) create better things. And we’d like to think our products, which we ask you not to bury in your backyard, are proof. Say hello to The Flock with a conscience.

What makes your business stand out?

We design and manufacture all of our products 30 miles from our studio in Portland Oregon. HOW WE WORK DESIGN WITH MINIMAL WASTE By designing with the world around us in mind, we use only what we need. This keeps more of the earth, trees, and animals alive (and not dead, which is a good thing). Bonus: It creates less smelly garbage. USE WHOLESOME MATERIALS We get our resources from living trees, plants, animals, or ecosystems which have been grown or raised responsibly and have the ability to regenerate themselves. (Kind of like lizards and their tails, not that we use lizards or their tails.) WORK WITH A CONSCIENCE We rely on the talents of real craftspeople (artists who use their own two hands) to create better things. We only use responsible manufacturing as well. No putting little kids to work; they should be outside, playing soccer or planting trees or writing letters to bad oil companies with angry crayons.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Follow your passion, but learn how to balance your books.

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    Oct. 17, 2014

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