Brown Parcel Press

American Made Since 2007

Megan Fowler & Gaelle Boling

Sparta, Georgia
Brown Parcel Press is a letterpress studio that crafts paper goods that quietly matter. We take inspiration from the farm we live and work on.

Tell us about your business.

Brown Parcel Press is a small letterpress and design shop powered by four hands. Megan Fowler and her Breton mother, Gaelle Boling, run their studio together out of a 1920's general store situated on the farm where they live and work. Every print, card, and calendar begins with a strong root in something concrete in the outside world that forces us to stop and notice it. For example, the delicate browns and yellows of a pear, the beautiful but almost menacingly sharp looking stem of a dandelion, the intricate pattern of veins on the underside of a leaf. We translate those observations into letterpress illustrations that we hope people bring into their home as a reminder to look at the world with an optimistic observers eye. The end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 will bring an exciting new chapter of collaboration for Brown Parcel Press. We will be teaming up with some of our favorite florists and foodies from around the country to begin two new series of letterpress prints!

What makes your business stand out?

Everyone's work situation is unique to where they are geographically, chronologically, and emotionally in their lives. The press began six years ago, in Athens, GA, when I was finishing college. I wasn't sure what I was going to print or where the money for the business was going to come from I just knew that I had to print. I was in love with the process. In that six years, I moved cities twice, fell out of love and back in love, moved to a farm, got married, and had a baby. This is where my world became overwhelming. How was I supposed to balance feeding the pigs, nursing a baby, thinning the turnips, and printing stationery? Help came in the form of an unexpected business partner, my mom. When my baby bump started to slow down my printing times, my mom volunteered her services as a press assistant. This was the start of her love affair with printing. As she began helping more, I realized how our esthetic and work ethic aligned so effortlessly. We're unique because of our bond.

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