EMG Live Fitness

American Made Since 2011

Joyce Wells & Melissa Young

Hamburg, New Jersey
The Netflix of the e-workout movement.

Tell us about your business.

EMG Live Fitness was founded by former Fortune 100 senior executive, Joyce Wells. She is bringing the fitness studio online. EMG Live Fitness is a technological breakthrough for the fitness industry. The evolution of live broadcasts available on the web has made it possible for EMG to bring the most sought after instructors out of their studios and virtually live to any town, city or borough in the country, or world. When asked why she wanted to start this business and why she chose to do it from home, she replied I love my home in the hills of New Jersey, and knew that in this age of technology, I could be just as productive from my home, if not more. As to starting this particular business, I am a fitness enthusiast and just could not find the time to get to the gym, nor did I want to be boxed into certain time periods when I could take my favorite class. I combined my expertise in video sharing, fitness and business to form this enterprise.

What makes your business stand out?

EMG Live Fitness was the first company in the e-workout industry and we created this industry.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Entrepreneurship is like a marathon not a short run!

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