David Ellzey Architectural Porcelain

American Made Since 1993

David Ellzey

Magnolia, Mississippi
The best tile is not available on either coast. For the ultimate in custom tile you have to go to Mississippi.

Tell us about your business.

I got started because even as a child I was disturbed that modern building materials were of such poor quality. Generally older buildings exhibit great care in design, materials and workmanship. I wanted to make a product that would equal and even exceed the standards of the 19th century. I am intensely interested in cars, especially the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost of 1907. A discussion of my inspiration is not complete without mentioning Rolls-Royce. My process is very involved. I spend many hours looking at car books and architecture books. Actually the design is the hard part, although the actual production is brutally hard work. I make models of my designs, and then create plaster molds from the models. I apply porcelain to the mold with a paintbrush. All of my work is by hand, start to finish. No computer ever. I hope that my business can evolve to actually have an influence on design in America. We are creating a very ugly world of concrete. Our children deserve BEAUTY.

What makes your business stand out?

1. Clients consult personally with the designer and maker of tile. Tile can be made to complement existing architectural features or objects. 2. I offer a nearly limitless array of porcelain colors. I will mix 50 or more color samples for a client. Colors are mineral based and permeate the porcelain body; the colors mature at 2200 degrees and are therefore impervious to heat and sun. 3. My work is ARCHITECTURE based according to my own fascination with world architecture. 4. I make tiles to fit their location on the wall. This means no tile saw needed. This means dozens of unique tiles are created to complete a job. Unheard of in the tile industry. 5. My tiles are very high relief. Some of my tiles actually are like vessels that hold water (I use them for my sun conure's water dish.) One particular tile design holds about 1/3 cup of water. 6. I use real gold, white gold and platinum on some of my tiles.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Make the very best of SOMETHING, damn the cost. There will always be people looking for the best.

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