Grey Cardigan

American Made Since 2009

Brian Andrew Jasinski

Cleveland, Ohio
Grey Cardigan is a line of prints and social stationery, employing an illustrative whimsy with a clean design aesthetic ideal for interior decor.

Tell us about your business.

Grey Cardigan is the marriage of my career as a graphic designer and my love for fine art, fashion, illustration, interior and pattern design. Giclée fine art prints, letterpress greeting cards, wrapping paper, and invitation design are the basis of the collection. I have a reverence for the colors, patterns and fashion of the 1920s - 1960s, and their aesthetic is greatly reflected in my work. The formalities of the past – be it in wallpaper, advertising, architecture or furniture – all act as my muse. As I continue to evolve, my illustrative imaginings will apply to other incarnations of design beyond the flat print. Items created from materials such as fabric, clay, or wood will bring the universe I have created in my illustrations, literally into a new dimension. Fabric and pattern design will translate to soft goods and further explorations in apparel. With every collection I create, I continue to explore new directions, while maintaining the aesthetic honest to my work.

What makes your business stand out?

I love watching customers peruse through the vast array of imagery I present at art sales and bazaars with a slight smile on their faces, as they are introduced for the first time to a print they simply know is for that specific area of their home/office, or as that unique gift! My work has a whimsy to it, that is at once elegant without being unapproachable. Like an actual grey cardigan that may be worn by a banker on Wall Street, perhaps by a chef sleeved in beautifully inked tattoos, or worn with that perfect little black dress – my imagery adapts itself to many styles of decor and tastes, allowing for a broad customer base. As a designer, I am a problem solver. So I have an intrinsic passion to create work that is functional, beautiful and what people are seeking. I love the idea of good design accessible to all. When I work with a customer, its always my goal to help them find just what it is they are seeking – and if it isn't there – I will create it!

What's the best business advice you've received?

When I worked retail in college, I recall a sign in the stock room that read : THE TWO RULES OF CUSTOMER SERVICE > 1. The customer is always right. 2. If the customer is wrong, re-read rule #1. I abide by this rule to this day. I do not translate this idea as to simply do whatever a client/customer may say blindly - but to look at the design process as a collaboration. Both parties have the same end goal of a quality product, and it is my role as a designer to orchestrate that outcome.

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