Quench Metalworks

American Made Since 2008

Jennifer Lisa

South China, Maine
Quench Metalworks hand creates modern jewelry that encapsulates bits of the Maine coast.

Tell us about your business.

Behind the business is a one woman show. Designer, bench jeweler, shipper, custodian, bookkeeper. I am Jennifer Atkins Lisa and Quench Metalworks is my passion. Early on, I developed a love for all things metal. At eight years of age, I happily polished the brass cleats on my father's sailboat until they glinted in the summer sun. At twelve, I offered to clean rings at a family reunion. At sixteen, I soldered gold for the first time. I was hooked and destined to be a metalsmith. After graduating with a Jewelry and Metals BFA in 1994, I had a series of false starts over a decade. When my confidence and creativity finally aligned, I began Quench Metalworks. My collections include found object components elevated to fine jewelry prestige. My current series entitled "Seashore" pairs vintage watch crystals, hand constructed sterling lockets, and bits of the Maine coast. My long-term plan includes opening a gallery representing myself and other fellow makers.

What makes your business stand out?

When I design and create a piece of jewelry, I think beyond the sale. I strive to create work that could potentially become an heirloom. I make jewelry to last through this generation into the next.

What's the best business advice you've received?

I recall a fellow jeweler friend advised me to take one day off a week with no work, no emails, no calls, no business, no designing, nothing. Just one day to relax with family, cook a favorite meal, go for a hike or swim, and reboot for the next six days. Admittedly, some seasons are more difficult to achieve that one precious day, but, when the schedule can accommodate, by all means, take a day off. It does wonders for your soul and enthusiasm.

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