Sweet Insanity

American Made Since 2012

Kristy Therrien

Los Angeles, California
Sweet Insanity strives to do what has never been done before. First =Unicorn Poop™ Cookies and now a cupcake inside a lollipop = Pastry Pops™.

Tell us about your business.

Kristy Therrien, long-time crafter and creator had been encouraged to create in the realm of edibles by her cousin. Upon which, Kristy was driven and motivated by a small online contest to create a unique cookie. She didn't win the contest, but she won the heart of the internet with her tutorial. Since that publish, her cookies have been on the Anderson Cooper show and awareness has spread to many countries across the globe. An email from a teacher in Japan really stood out because of the smiles that the cookies brought to all the children in the classroom. Stories like this - are what keeps Kristy Lynn creating and brainstorming new products and ideas. Inspired to be different, and desired to be recognized as such...That is the principle that Sweet Insanity Bake Shop is founded on. In the end, she is a one-woman business who uses her web page as a bake shop. Extreme DIY is at her core and she grew up watching Martha Stewart with her mom and grandma. Creativity. It's a good thing.

What makes your business stand out?

The whole idea of being unique is what my business is based on. It pains me to do things that are un-shocking, or that are ordinary. And that - is what drives me to create until I've come up with a concept that will throw glitter at your brain.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best advice that I have gotten was through experience. I made my husband an Oogie Boogie Halloween Costume out of burlap, yarn and a needle. When I put the mask on him - I cried. It looked terrible and nothing like the character. After a full minute of mental misery and defeat, something said - you have nothing to lose if you continue to try...So I picked up some safety pins and re-arranged his face!! - Until it resembled Oogie Boogie. Then I tacked it in those places with thread and *BAM*, I was looking into the eyes of Tim Burton's monster, successfully. It was as if the most beautiful rain had washed away the anxiety and left me with something deeper than I had tried for. It was a reward. NEVER GIVE UP. Sounds over-used and corny...and it is. But it's because it's true. If I ever find myself in the same state of mind, I think back to this emotion and I use it as a motivator...keep going. It's not perfect because you aren't done yet.

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