Shanghai Tai LLC

American Made Since 2009

Roxanne Coffelt

Warsaw, Indiana
I make unique artisan jewelry, much of it one of a kind, that is Asian inspired but made in the U.S.A.

Tell us about your business.

My husband lost his job in a shutdown, and we moved to China for a new job. When I returned to the U.S., I had a lot of pearls. I learned how to string jewelry. I wanted to make round lampwork beads to go with my pearls, but somehow ended up taking a class in fusing glass instead. Then I found precious metal clay. It is made of microscopic bits of metal in clay form. After I fire it in my kiln, it is pure metal: gold, silver, copper or bronze. I create artisan jewelry, and sell at art shows and online. Many of my pieces are one of a kind. I am constantly working to improve my skills, my product and my display. My business is important because, in an age when so many products are produced overseas, I actually make a product that is produced in the USA. Once I told a Chinese man [regarding western salaries], yes, but you are getting all the jobs, and soon all the money! Recently, I exported an order to China. I may be small, but I contribute to the U.S. economy.

What makes your business stand out?

I make my business unique. The pieces I make come from my experiences and the things that inspire me. A lot of my inspiration comes from the time I spent in the far east.

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