American Made Since 2013

Jeri L Dearing

Rocky Point, North Carolina
MermaidsKnots creates unique, life inspired jewelry with love and joy. Bohemian, eclectic designs for every day lifestyles!

Tell us about your business.

MermaidsKnots was founded with a desire to share a love of color, texture and creativity of beauty to be worn and afforded by collectors from all walks of life. Everyone loves to afford amazing art created in the US and what better way than a piece of jewelry that not only is affordable but also shows what we feel in our hearts! At MermaidsKnots we collect components from all around the world as well as hand making our own, old and new and then put the designs for our jewelry together by hand weaving and knotting for an end product that we are proud to offer worldwide. MermaidsKnots dreams of expanding our business not only to be independent women sharing our love of art but also to help teach and promote young women in their dreams of being independent business owners one day in their own creativity. Love, Dream, Believe, this is the statement that fuels our designs!

What makes your business stand out?

Mermaids are unique! Mystical, strong, brave and adventurous and that is what it takes to be a woman daring to be a business person in any creative field. There are many in this market making much of the same pieces of art in jewelry design but it's those that have the desire to also break away from only what sells because it has sold and dare to show their adventurous creations. At MermaidsKnots we aren't afraid to show our love for adventure not always just walking on the safe side!

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best business advice I've received throughout my life is have a great accountant!

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