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Denise Pulliam

Rockville, Maryland
iConversations, a Tech Savvy social media firm showcasing all business sectors on @BlackHAIRSalons @iHAIRSalons @BlackBarbershop @SalonSaturday
Design, Technology

Tell us about your business.

iConversations, partnered with http://iSalons.Biz and @SalonSaturday, is an engaging Tech Savvy consulting firm on the "cutting edge" of social media technology engaging industry moguls in real-time. iConversations uses CRM best practices and data analysis to showcase all business sectors on its premium social media accounts @BlackHAIRSalons @iHAIRSalons @BlackBarbershop @iBarbershops @BlackDaySpas @SalonSaturday. iConversations uses a combination of planned and responsive creatively scripted story lines that effectively showcase the client's business and associated products. iConversations has cultivated a diverse upscale demographics of industry moguls from an array of business industries through the use of engaging conversations that pulse multicultural politics, tease palettes with picturesque mouth watering cuisine, humoring hearts with comedy, and occasionally flirting platonically using love notes. iConversations demographics also includes really cool everyday peoples.

What makes your business stand out?

iConversations is on the cutting edge of social media technology engaging industry moguls from the arts, entertainment, celebrities, news media, politicians, comedians, beauty & hair, gourmet food cuisine plus fast foods through engaging @iConversations via premium social media accounts. @iConversations has cultivated a daily rapport with its social media colleagues who enjoy daily around the clock engaging correspondence conversations. What makes iConversations social media accounts premium are the industry 'names' of the handlers. @BlackHAIRSalons @iHAIRSalons @BlackBarbershop @iBarbershops @BlackDaySpas and @SalonSaturday. Social media handles that contain 'Saturday' a weekend day are considered premium social media accounts. The owner of Conversations Social Media has a very extensive Information Technology background and immediately saw the benefits of such accounts to grow a business that creatively promotes businesses.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Never give up. Be creative. Be yourself within especially within social media. Surround yourself with people who support you. Surround yourself with people who know more than you. Keep an open door policy so that you can always pulse the entire business enterprise. In order to grow a business you must be willing to grow as a person and also an entrepreneur. In business and in life be open and receptive to conversations from diverse cultures around the globe. Develop social relationships with people in politics. Develop and grow relationships with the news media. Stay abreast of laws and political agendas that could impact your business and business relationships. Nurture and grow your business on a daily basis to breathe new life into your business plans and agendas. Be engaging. Love what you do. Be passionate about your business.

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